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Dirt Bike Modifications For All Riding Styles

Chaparral Motorsports
October 11, 2015
2013 Yamaha WR450F

Modifying your dirt bike can be an overwhelming process. Several riders look to upgrade their stock parts to make their bike faster, stronger and more fine-tuned. However, modifying a dirt bike can get expensive in a hurry - especially so if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Instead, you want to invest in parts that you know will help you be more productive on the track or trails. Upgrades shouldn't just be for style necessarily, but serve a purpose to your ride.

Here are five modifications you should consider first for your dirt bike:

Top 5 Dirt Bike Modifications

1) Change The Tires

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Michelin Starcross 5 Hard Rear Tire" image="190-06051" imagesize="125" alignment="right" ]One of the easier modifications that can help you be more efficient on the track is upgrading your off-road tires. Even if your tires are brand new, it doesn't necessarily mean they are great or the right fit for your style of riding. Tires come in different forms, but you should consider modifying your dirt bike's tires if you race on dirt tracks or plan to hit the hills to catch some air. Each style of riding needs its own unique tire to function best.

2) Replace Your Sprocket And Bike Chain

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Racing Chain RK Chain & ZK Sprocket Kit" image="318-2133" imagesize="125" alignment="right" ]A more affordable changes you can immediately make to your dirt bike to increase the ride's durability is to replace the chain and sprockets. With a new chain and sprocket chosen specifically for your riding style, you'll be able to get a higher power output from high-end to low-end or as the complete opposite. It simply all depends on your riding conditions. This modification is a quick fix to see increased power the second you take off with the new parts.

3) Add Hand Guards To Your Bars

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Acerbis Uniko Vented Handguards" image="257-207267-0036" imagesize="125" alignment="right" ]As you know, dirt bike riding can be a dangerous activity. If you choose to ride trails and dirt paths, a low-hanging branch can seriously hurt you if you're not protected. That's why it's essential to wear a full-faced helmet - but what about your hands? Gloves protect you somewhat, but installing hand guards will ensure you don't crash if something hits your throttle hand. Additionally, if you're riding on unpredictable ground, you're likely to spill at some point in time. Having the hand guards will protect your wrists and hands if you crash. You'll be glad you made this modification if you ever wreck and fall down on top of a large piece of wood, stone or some other hard debris.

4) Consider New Suspension

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="Eibach Shock Springs" image="377-0322" imagesize="125" alignment="right" ]Whether you're on the flat track or doing motocross, your suspension is one of the most important parts of your ride. A modification dirt bike riders often choose is upgrading their suspension. Don't forget about getting your ride re-valved for your specific style. This will give a different spring to your bike with your weight. You'll notice a significantly smoother and more comfortable ride when you change your suspension. This will help you avoid obstacles and the change will increase the durability of your bike you so can hit the ground harder from jumps.

5) Install An Aftermarket Exhaust

[schema type="chaparralproduct" url="" name="FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Slip-On Exhaust" image="327-040005" imagesize="125" alignment="right" ]Your bike likely came with standard stock parts and one area riders first go to is their exhaust system. Aftermarket exhausts might be one of the most popular modifications for dirt bikes and standard motorcycles. A new and advanced exhaust can help you get more power, which is especially convenient on two-stroke engines. According to Motocross Hideout, exhausts with low-end to mid-range power are great for woods and trial beginner riding. However, a pipe fit for top-end power is ideal for advanced riders hitting the flat track to get more power out of their RPMs.

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