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Can-Am Releases 2015 Spyder FS-3

Chaparral Motorsports
August 6, 2015

[caption id="attachment_47965" align="alignright" width="300"]2016 Can-Am Spyder F3 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3-S[/caption]

The Can-Am Spyder was released more than half a decade ago and the manufacturer behind this three-wheeled specimen has seen plenty of success. In fact, while it is technically an unconventional motorcycle, the Spyder is truly making its mark in the motorcycle industry.

Now, Can-Am released its newest model, the 2015 Spyder F3-S, which continues to add more features to this three-wheel motorcycle. The F3-S has a 1,330 cc Rotax inline triple engine with 115 horsepower. While this isn't necessarily overloading riders in power, it still has enough to leave some smoke from the rear tire while peeling away.

New Adjustable Footpeg System

The ride's stability control system was developed with Bosch and the programming is completely different on the F3-S compared to previous models. There are new features like the UFit system, which allows riders to adjust the footpegs on the side of the vehicle to tailor to the person's size.

There are four handlebars to choose from and riders can customize the brake linkage for a preferred peg setup. This makes this the ultimate riding machine that two differently sized riders could enjoy together. In all, it takes about 10 minutes to change out the handlebars and to adjust the footpegs.

Additionally, the ride has a reverse feature, which are activated by holding the shift level back while pressing a very noticeable red "R" button on the control deck. The reverse speed is governed at 3 mph, so riders won't have to worry about shifting too hard or fast into reverse.

Unique Braking System

The F3-S has no braking levers on the handlebar, which is truly unique in the world of alternative motorcycle designs. However, riders can simply use the right brake lever on the right footpeg to brake on all three wheels. Since riders have control of all three wheels at the same time, this makes it safer to gently or firmly hit the brake lever.

Some early reports say the ride has plenty of pickup and control. Additionally, with customizable seating positions, riders are ensured to have the most comfortable ride possible. On the other hand, some have said the ride has a bit of trouble taking turns and the rider doesn't feel nearly as comfortable as a person would on a traditional motorcycle.

The Can-Am Spyder F3-S can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds, which means the ride has plenty of pickup. With a seat height of 26.6 inches, riders are relatively close to the ground on the F3-S.

The ride weighs about 850 pounds and is 104 inches long. Also, the ride comes with a trunk in the front of the ride, which is pretty convenient for those using this as a touring motorcycle.

Riders can get about 40 mpg with the F3-S, and overall, it can go about 252 miles on single tank of fuel.

This machine is available for a hefty price of $19,499, with additional options and add-ons available for $22,499.

Download the 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3 Spec Review

The S trim package also includes:

  • Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3-cylinder engine
  • Stability control, traction control and anti-lock brakes
  • Dynamic power steering
  • UFit system
  • Brembo brakes
  • FOX Podium shocks
  • Anti-theft system
  • 6.5 gallons of cargo space
  • Cruise control
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