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Skully AR-1: Redefining Motorcycle Helmets

Chaparral Motorsports
May 3, 2015
Skully AR-1 Helmet

While so-called smart helmets have been around for roughly a decade, in the last couple of years new technology has escalated the features of motorcycle helmets. According to many, the Skully AR-1 could possibly be the smartest and coolest motorcycle helmet ever created.

The helmet's release to the public is slowly getting closer with an expected date in May 2015. While many plan to purchase the newest motorcycle equipment technology, it's going to come with a hefty price tag. If you didn't place a pre-order, the Skully AR-1 will cost riders $1,500, but the incredible amount of features that come with the helmet will make it worth the investment.

Safety Is Key On The Skully

Skully AR-1 Helmet

Even though the Skully looks like a standard full-faced traditional helmet, it has many features inside that make this piece of equipment one of a kind. The Skully is Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified and provides riders with intelligent audio functions.

For starters, the Skully has helmet-to-helmet communication, which allows multiple riders donning the cool motorcycle helmet to easily stay in touch while trekking down the road. The helmet also includes hands-free calling and music streaming that are all connected through the rider's smartphone via Bluetooth.

Additionally, riders can set up in-screen GPS navigation through a transparent heads up display within the extremely forward-thinking helmet. This feature is built into the visor of the helmet, and is fog, glare and scratch resistant. This allows riders to take on nearly any climate of weather and not worry about visibility with the helmet. There's also a wide-angle rear view camera option that shows up on the heads-up display as well to increase the all around safety features.

Skully Gets Massive Online Backing

Skully AR-1 Helmet

In a world of crowdfunding, many inventions become a reality and Skully was one of the most popular campaigns to hit the Web. Soon after it started, Skully's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was able to raise more than $11 million in a Series A Funding campaign, which is one of the most successful ever for the site.

As soon as Skully designers got the money, they immediately started hiring software and hardware designers to improve the manufacturing process, the source stated. Marcus, Weller, CEO and founder of Skully, said future plans are still close to the company and didn't want to discuss a lot with new outlets

"There are a lot of expenses involved in the manufacturing part of it," said Weller. "Funds from this round will help carry Skully through its manufacturing milestones and accelerate our technology roadmap."

Heads-Up Display Could Prevent Accidents

Skully AR-1 Helmet

One of the features the Skully manufacturers are truly honing in on is the heads-up display system that can help keep riders' eyes on the road. Weller explained the idea for the heads-up display with the GPS system came after he got in an accident looking at a road sign and not paying full attention tot road.

Weller added that with the new display on the helmet, the directions and maps are provided in a transparent display that also alerts riders of the recommended speed for sharp turns or other winding roads.

Having the visual constantly in front of the rider will allow them to keep eyes on the road. Additionally, the helmet can save maps for common routes or to compare on different rides. The AR-1 provides updated maps in real time and traffic readings for the particular road.

The Skully has some competitors in its rear view mirror, but there the introduction to HD or smart helmets could be the wave of the future all on the top of your head.

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