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Picking Out A New Motorcycle Helmet For The Spring

Chaparral Motorsports
March 17, 2015

In the spring, many motorcyclists across the nation are finally able to get their bikes out of storage and hit the road after a long and cold winter. However, a lot of riders use this time to invest in new motorcycle gear for the upcoming riding year.

One piece of equipment a lot of motorcyclists look for at the beginning of the year is a new helmet. Motorcycle helmets actually can expire after years of use and a helmet should be immediately replaced if it suffered any hard impact. Picking out a new motorcycle helmet can be daunting as there are so many options and variations for riders nowadays.

Here are some tips to help you make your decision when purchasing your next helmet:

What Is Most Comfortable To You?

If you had a full-faced helmet previously, but constantly found yourself adjusting it for better airflow or for comfort, you might need to consider your other options. While a full-faced helmet is the most secure and protective, the equipment's structure can be a dangerous distraction for certain riders.

Consider a three-quarters helmet or a hybrid modular helmet that has the ability to lift up the chin bar. This allows riders to get plenty of air while at a stoplight or to talk to other riders while waiting for the light to turn green. Simply put, your motorcycle helmet should be absolutely comfortable for you so it's not a distraction while riding.

Get Something You Know You'll Like

A common problem is that riders will pick a helmet because of it's style or appearance, and will eventually come to not like how it fits. Once this happens, riders tend to go without a helmet, which increases the risk of a head injury significantly. Make sure you pick something that you like and fits correctly. If you're worried about matching your bike's color and aesthetic, pick something dark like a matte-black three-quarter helmet that is perfect for any cruiser.

If you want something with flair, that's completely acceptable, just make sure you like it and that you'll be proud to wear it.

Know Your Style Of Riding

Depending on the type of riding you will be doing, each style of helmet has its benefits and disadvantages. If you plan on doing a lot of group riding, you may not want a full-faced helmet that prevents you from talking with other riders. Instead, you may want to consider a modular helmet that lets you flip the chin bar and talk to other riders without anything in front of your mouth. However, if you're doing track riding or battling off-road terrain, you want to increase your safety as much as possible with a full-faced helmet.

For city riders, depending on what is comfortable to you, a half helmet might be your best bet so you can pay attention with your ears more closely. Shell helmets are not the safest pieces of equipment, but your ears won't be covered, so you will be able to hear pedestrians walking by, cars pulling out and other hazards that need your attention in the city.

Picking Your Features

If your last helmet was too heavy, it might be time to move to a lightweight carbon fiber piece of equipment that will give you lightest feel around. Additionally, if your old helmets made you sweat a lot, consider looking into heavily vented helmets. These types of helmets will ensure you're cooled off when riding on the hottest days.

No matter what you decide, make sure your helmet has the features, the looks and feel that will make you happy all season long.

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