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Motorcycle Riders Beware! Possible Sabotage On Glendora Mountain Road

Chaparral Motorsports
March 11, 2015

Is someone intentionally pouring motor oil onto the roadway of one of Southern California's highly popular motorcycling spots? There are two videos on YouTube suggesting so and the situation has caught the interest of the California Highway Patrol.

A video posted to YouTube on March 8th, by guser210, shows several spots in which it appears oil has been freshly spilt conspicuously onto the road way in shadows where it would be difficult to see and at the entrances of curves. The 1:19 video freezes a couple times to show where the spots are located and to point out a red Chevy SUV. Text over the video indicates the SUV as being in the areas when the oil spots became evident.

Oil on Glendora Mountain Road

In a second video posted by Tempest-Blue at the 1:48 mark the rider passes a red SUV parked on the inside shoulder of a turn with a person standing just outside the open driver's door. The road seems to be dry or at least devoid of any fresh oil spots. Then as the rider is making their way back down the road at the 9:51 mark the video freezes as a spot in the road is highlighted by a red circle indicating where a fresh patch of oil is now present. This appears to be the same vicinity as to where the SUV was spotted at the beginning of the video.

3/8/15 Oil Dumper on GMR

Highlighted by winding switchbacks, Glendora Mountain Road or GMR as many call it is located in the San Gabriel Mountains and is a favorite spot for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and those who just want to enjoy a nice car ride. According a post on a local bicycling blog a oil on the roadway last month and led to two vehicles going off the road and down the ravine.

It's unclear yet as to whether or not these were but that's exactly what the video suggests and according to a quote obtained from the CHP by, that's exactly how law enforcement are treating it.
"We don't know if it was intentional but we're going to treat it as such," said CHP Officer Rodrigo Jimenez.

The local public works department has cleaned up all the oiled areas, but motorcycle riders and all users of GMR must stay vigilant and cautious when traveling in the area.

With someone possibly dumping oil in the road there is a great potential for harm or even worse, death, not only motorcyclists but all those who travel on GMR. If you see, hear, or know anything please call the CHP at 626-338-1164 and ask for Investigator Rob Bernardino.

Source: RideApart

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