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Chaparral Motorsports Pro Works Episode 3: Dr. D Engine Relocation Kit

Chaparral Motorsports
January 28, 2015

Traction is the key to winning motorcycle races. It doesn't matter why type of racing you do (quarter mile, MotoGP, or motocross) anytime you lose traction you are losing speed or the potential for speed. In addition, poor traction also results in poor handling which as many know can lead to disastrous results.

Traction is extremely important in motocross racing, obviously you are already competing in slippery conditions (loose dirt, mud, clay, sand etc.) so your choice of dirt bike tire is going to be your first step in ensuring your get the best hook up and transfer as much horse power and torque to the ground. Your motorcycle's suspension plays a big part in maintaining traction as well.

Weight distribution is also an important factor, and as some have noticed with the new Yamaha YZ450F, things can get a little tricky at the front end when entering into corners. A loose or light feeling in the front end can result in the front tire not digging in and maintaining the line you are going for. One way to help combat this is to load more weight onto the front end to help it really stick. Dr. D has created an engine relocation kit that moves the engine forward 1.5mm to put more weight to the front wheel.

IMG_2120Now 1.5mm might not sound like a huge change, but the engine is the heaviest part of the motorcycle. Along with being heavy, the engine carries reciprocating mass with the crank and piston assembly. So moving this weight and the reciprocating mass forward, even just a tad, can help load more weight onto the front end for better handing, a more positive feel in the corners, and provide better traction.



DRD-3101Continuing on with the third part in the Chaparral Motorsports Pro Works YZ450F build up, Larry Brooks brings in Doug Dubach, aka DR. D, to demonstrate how to install a [mageProductLink sku="drd-3101" title=""]Dr. D Engine Relocation Kit[/mageProductLink] on a 2015 YZ450F. The key components to the relocation kit are the two offset engine collars. Machined out of high-grade billet aluminum, the collars simply replace the stock steel lower engine mount collars. While it does require several steps to perform the installation, anyone with basic mechanical knowledge should be able to install the kit in their garage. Check the video below as Larry and Doug go through the step-by-step process.

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