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Will The 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Live Up To The Hype?

Chaparral Motorsports
January 21, 2015
H2R right side

One of the biggest announcements to come at the end of 2014 in the motorcycle industry was the release of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R streetbike, which is poised to be the fastest motorcycle ever built for the public. The announcement came at the EICMA expo in Milan, which was the biggest news story of the entire event.

The H2R is not for the faint of heart and has so much power that it can be driven only on the racetrack. To accommodate those who want the power on the streets, Kawasaki made a street legal version - the Ninja H2. However, with the growing attention of the H2, a lot of industry experts wonder if the motorcycle plans to live up to the hype. According to Cycle World, the H2 has an absolutely insane 300-hp engine and a price tag that is more than $50,000.

H2 Brings Extra Hype - Even For The Limited Bike

Kawasaki H2 right side

Even though the majority of riders will never get on top of one of these beast machines, it still has a ton of hype that brings back some memories of classic muscle cars or vintage bikes. Kawasaki claims the motorcycle weighs only 525 pounds wet - including fluids, gas and everything else needed to take the bike for a spin.

On the other hand, some experts in the industry said the Ninja H2 is much closer to the 200 hp range, and overall output was said to be much higher than originally expected, the source reported. All the excitement for the Ninja H2 comes from its supercharger and the ridiculous amount of horses it carries, but other super streetbikes are available with a much lower price tag.

Changing The Industry And Buyers' Mindsets

Kawasaki H2 front fairing

According to the Times of Oman, Kawasaki said the Ninja H2 is the "most exciting and fastest motorcycle ever" and that it will change the way consumers and other bike manufacturers think about or create rides in the future. However, the bike is still exciting plenty of riders willing to splurge on the superbike.

"This is the most ultimate bike I've ever come across," said Talal Husain Al Balushi, sportsbike owner and expert, according to the source. "It is entirely in a class of its own. It is pure thrill to even have a glance at the beauty. I cannot wait to see the bike in reality; to feel it up close. The bike's sinister performance and devilish looks make it dangerously addictive."

Some of the other features that make this superbike stand out among any competitors is that it is "meticulously hand-assembled" and has a flashy paint job that will excite any motorcyclist, Jalopnik reported. Still, some riders are skeptical about the reduced H2 version that will be street legal. However, Cycle World stated the newly revised H2 has only different camshafts, head gaskets, clutches and a legal exhaust system for public roads.

Orders Ended In December


Even if some riders are still on the fence and debating on biting the bullet to obtain the H2R or street legal H2, orders for the bike actually ended Dec. 19, but a list of specific guidelines for possible buyers was included and forced riders to acknowledge the rules before the company would accept the deposits for the motorcycle.

The H2R does not come with a warranty and requires service inspections for every 15 hours of engine operation above 8,000 rpm, which only makes the bike that much more expensive for the public. However, diehard riders who put their money forward will surely believe the hype when they finally get on top of the Ninja H2 or H2R.

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