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Racer Mickey Supermoto Gloves Great For All Rides

Chaparral Motorsports
January 12, 2015
Racer Mickey Glove

A lot of motorcycle riders tend to forget an important piece of protective equipment: gloves. While many riders invest in motorcycle gloves, it's important to find the right piece of gear for the style of riding.

Racer Gloves USA made a splash in the motorcycle gear industry with three types of high-quality gloves: Racer, Sport and Winter, Throttler Magazine reported. Additionally, the motorcycle gear manufacturer has always put the rider first when crafting its quality products. Founded by Lee Block, a lifelong motorcyclist, the well-crafted motorcycle gloves are perfect for various riders who know what they want for racing and to protect in case of a crash.

The Mickey glove is a supermoto styled street glove that has the appeal of a street fighter glove, but remains absolutely lightweight. According to the source, the motorcycle glove is made from Calrino, Teramid and Super-Fabric, which help prevent abrasions and cuts against the ground.

Skin-Tight Feel And Motocross Appeal

[caption id="attachment_36396" align="alignright" width="300"]Josh Serne Using Racer Mickey Glove Josh Serne using Mickey glove - Photo: Mike Doran[/caption]

When the Mickey glove is first donned, it feels like it might be too light to protect a rider in crash. However, the lightweight feature is purely for comfort and functionally and does not reduce safety. According to the source, the gloves are rather tight, but once completely donned, they will feel like a second skin.

The gloves come with padded palm protection that help resist against asphalt if riders instinctively put their hands down against the road during a crash. Also, the gloves include extra armor across the knuckles and have additional padding on the fingers.

The tight fit is a plus while riding as well because it allows the rider to have a more sensitive touch on the clutch and hand break. The silicon grip diamonds cross the fingers of the glove. The style and look are very similar to motocross gear as well, which makes it easier to control all the levers, Ultimate Motorcycling reported.

"With its hard shell knuckle and palm protection combined with leather, mesh and nylon fabrics, the Mickey makes for a great combo of protection and ventilation," Block said about the new gloves, according to Ultimate Motorcycling. "We really like the Mickey since it fits into several categories. For example, we just finished a 300-mile dual sport ride wearing the Mickey, and the glove exceeded even our expectations. It provided plenty of protection, was not hot and with it's great fit, no blisters."

Fit For All Types And Different Style Of Riders

Racer Mickey Glove

These gloves are certainly geared toward the dual-sport experience, but there are street models that Racer Glove USA offers as well to give cruiser and street bike motorcyclists a more appropriate piece of gear, the source reported.

Block added that the gloves will be the best-fitting gear anyone will don, the source stated. The additional protection makes the gloves ideal for all riding scenarios, and the gloves come in sizes small through triple extra large. The retail price of the Mickey gloves comes in at $115.99.

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