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Talk Like A Trucker: Getting The Most Out Of Your UTV CB Radio

Chaparral Motorsports
December 24, 2014
PCI Race Radio

Truck drivers are the backbone of our country. Traversing thousands of miles a week hauling everything from produce to lumber, if it weren't for truckers we wouldn't have immediate access to many of the products we use daily. The brotherhood of truckers is one in which they look out for one another providing updates on traffic, road conditions, and the location of Bears on the road, as well as keeping each other company, communicating via their Citizen Band (CB) Radio.

PCI Race Radio 3While truckers are the most common users of CB radios, they are the preferred method of communication with off road enthusiasts, especially Polaris RZR and other UTV owners, where desolate locations limit cell phone service from spotty to non-existent. Outfitting your UTV with a CB radio can come in handy in emergency situations when there is an accident or your vehicle breaks down and you need help. With setups like the California Ultimate 4 and Ultimate 2 packages from PCI Race Radios you can not only install a CB in your UTV but also add an intercom allowing you to communicate within your car with up to three other people. Each kit comes with everything needed for installation and depending on the package, comes with either two or four headphone/speaker sets that can be mounted inside your helmet.

PCI Race Radio 2Along with the intercom you can also integrate your smartphone or mp3 player into the package allowing all your passengers to listen to music through the headsets. Then when someone wants to speak the Push-To-Talk (PTT) intercom system will cut down the music volume so you can hear what people are saying. This is a very useful feature as it allows you to communicate with passengers in the back where normally noisy conditions would pretty much limit you to sign language for communication. The intercom also works through the CB radio so that you can communicate with others in your caravan without broadcasting over an open CB channel.

PCI Race Radio4Over the years the trucker brotherhood has developed its own slang and terminology for everything from identifying their location to warning about a cop up ahead. But why should truckers have all the fun with their own lingo? We've collected a list of words and terms from the trucker world that we felt would apply or could be adapted to UTV riders and passengers. This way you can let your convoy know, "We need to back off the hammer, there's a Kojak with a Kodak at the back door and he looks to be itching to hand out some driving awards."

Let's start with the basics, the 10-codes

(Picked up from

  • 10-1: Receiving Poorly
  • 10-2: Receiving Well
  • 10-3: Stop Transmitting
  • 10-4: Ok, Message Received
  • 10-5: Relay Message
  • 10-6: Busy, Stand By
  • 10-7: Out of Service, Leaving Air
  • 10-8: In Service, subject to call
  • 10-9: Repeat Message
  • 10-10: Transmission Completed, Standing By
  • 10-11: Talking too Rapidly
  • 10-13: Advise weather/road conditions
  • 10-17: Urgent Business
  • 10-20: My Location is/What's your Location?
  • 10-21: Call by Telephone
  • 10-25: Can you Contact ______
  • 10-26: Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message/Ignore
  • 10-27: I am moving to Channel ___
  • 10-28: Identify your station
  • 10-32: I will give you a radio check
  • 10-33: Emergency Traffic at this station
  • 10-34: Trouble at this station, help needed
  • 10-35: Confidential Information
  • 10-36: Correct Time is _____
  • 10-38: Ambulance needed at _____
  • 10-39: Your message delivered
  • 10-41: Please tune to channel ___
  • 10-42: Traffic Accident at _____
  • 10-43: Traffic tie-up at _____
  • 10-44: I have a message for you (or ____)
  • 10-45: All units within range please report
  • 10-50: Break Channel
  • 10-62: Unable to copy, use phone
  • 10-65: Awaiting your next message/assignment
  • 10-67: All units comply
  • 10-73: Speed Trap at _____
  • 10-75: You are causing interference
  • 10-84: My telephone number is ____
  • 10-85: My address is _____
  • 10-91: Talk closer to the Mic
  • 10-92: Your transmitter is out of adjustment
  • 10-93: Check my frequency on this channel
  • 10-100: Need to go to Bathroom
  • 10-200: Police needed at _____

And now for the lingo

(picked up from, Wikipedia, and Jalopnik)

  • Advertising: Law enforcement vehicle with its lights flashing
  • Alligator: Blown tire in toad
  • Alligator radio: CB operator who is "All mouth and no ears"
  • Ankle biter: Small child
  • Antler alley: Deer crossing
  • Baby bear: Rookie cop
  • Back door: Behind you
  • Back 'em up/back off the hammer: Slow down
  • Backslide: Return trip
  • Back out: Driver has finished talking
  • Band-aid buggy: Ambulance
  • Bear: Police officer
  • Bear in the air: Police in helicopter
  • Bear bait: Speeding car
  • Bear cave: Police station
  • Bear trap: Stationary police w/radar
  • Better half: Significant other (wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend)
  • Big slab/big road: Interstate
  • Bird dog: Radar detector
  • Brake check: Traffic is slowing ahead, possibly to a stop
  • Break: Need others to quit talking on CB to ask a question
  • Black eye: Headlight out
  • Blew my doors off: Passed with great speed
  • Bumper sticker: Car too close to bumper
  • Catch ya on the flip flop: See ya on the return trip
  • County mounty: Sheriff
  • Clean shot: Road is clear of police ahead
  • City Kitty: City police
  • Comin in loud & proud: Strong CB signal
  • Cash register: Toll booth/pay station
  • Chicken coup: Weigh station
  • Coffin dodger: Old person driving too slow
  • Crotch rocket: Motorcycle
  • Disco lights: Cop lights flashing
  • Dragon Fly: A car who "drags" up a hill and "flies" down
  • Double nickel: 55 Miles per hour
  • Dirty side: The east coast
  • Driving award: Speeding ticket
  • Drop the hammer: Hit the accelerator and go for it
  • Evil Knevil: Motorcycle cop
  • Flip flop: U-turn or return trip
  • Front door: Riding your direction but farther ahead of you
  • Full grown bear: Highway patrol
  • Georgia overdrive: Put into neutral going down a hill to increase Speed
  • Granny lane: Slow lane
  • Greasy side up: A car with its wheels in the air
  • Greasy stuff: Snow or ice
  • Hammer lane: Left lane [Fast Lane]
  • Hammer down: Move faster
  • Hand: Driver
  • Handle: CB nickname
  • Home 20: Your home
  • Keep the shiny side up & rubber side down: Have a safe trip
  • Kojak with a kodak: Cop with a radar gun
  • Large car : Very fast, nice truck
  • Left coast: West coast
  • Meat-wagon: Ambulance
  • New sneakers: New tires
  • North bound in the south bound: Wrong way driver
  • Pickle park: Rest area
  • Radio check: Does my radio work?
  • Sesame Street: CB channel 19
  • Sail boat fuel: Running on empty
  • Salt shaker: Snow plow
  • Seat cover: Female passenger
  • Shooting you in the back: Police behind you hitting you with radar detector
  • Shake the bushes: Run ahead of others to lure out the bears
  • Split: Where two routes break away from each other in different directions
  • Stand on it: Stand on the gas pedal
  • Taking pictures: Police using radar
  • Triple digit ride: Exceeding 100 MPH
  • Wally world: Wal-Mart
  • Yard stick: Mile marker
  • Yo-Yo: Someone who constantly speeds up and slows down
  • Zipper lane: The lane were two roads merge
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