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Flat Tire Prevention For Motorcycle Riders

Chaparral Motorsports
October 30, 2014
Street Bike on Mountain RoadTires

are one of the most essential pieces of equipment on a motorcycle. That's why it's critical to keep them properly maintained.

Riding on a motorcycle at 70 mph and having a tire burst can be an extremely dangerous situation for a rider. Not only can it lead to further damage of a bike, but a rider could fall as a result. The best bet to avoiding this is to take on the problem before it happens and properly maintain a bike's tires. Preventative maintenance is the best bet to avoiding future major problems with a motorcycle. Not to mention, a rider is given peace of mind, knowing their bike is in top form.

Before every ride, it's important to assess the condition of the wheels. Any wearing or bald spots on the tires might require them to be replaced. After looking for cosmetic damage to the wheels, a rider should then turn their bike on. One sign that a tire is flat is if there is a humming noise coming from the bike. Likewise, if a wheel starts to wobble once a bike's in motion, it might be time for new tire.

Slime Super Duty Tire Sealant

Extra Protection Is Available

Aside from simply replacing tires at the right time, riders can also add tire sealant. These popular products will strengthen a tire, making it less susceptible to puncture. This is great for those who are heading out on a long ride and know they'll be coming into contact with some rough roadway.

For a low cost, a rider can apply sealant to their tires and they'll be less likely to get a flat. There's even specific sealant for the type of riding someone will be doing - off-road, high speed, street - making a tire as a safe as possible for each circumstance.

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