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Secure Your Gear: GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Accessories

Chaparral Motorsports
October 25, 2014
GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case TitleGIVI

is a leading name in motorcycle accessories. From innovative helmets to top-of-the-line hard cases, GIVI is a name riders trust.

"At the root of all GIVI products, from the smallest accessory to the top of the range helmet, there are always two inseparable elements: the most innovative technology and the recognized quality of being hand made in Italy," reads the GIVI website. "In the United States GIVI Motorcycle Accessories is the leader in motorcycle and scooter hard detachable cases and side cases as well as offering a specialized range of soft luggage solutions, windshields, engine guards and other associated products."

GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case And Accessories

GIVI Monokey V46 Top CaseGIVI Monokey V46 Top Case

The GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Rack is one piece of motorcycle luggage riders won't want to go without. Having a good top case and a rack to support it is critical for any rider. Those interested in a quality top case should look no further than the Monokey V46. With 46 liters of storage space, this case has plenty of room for anything a rider might need to bring along. It has a modern design, which is easy to lock and to access while on the road. According to GIVI, this case can fit two full-face helmets.

[mageProductLink sku="012-e107" title=""]GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Rack[/mageProductLink]Top Case Rack

The innovations don't just stop at the V46 Top Case, GIVI has created a full lineup of accessories to improve upon their outstanding luggage. The [mageProductLink sku="012-e107" title=""]GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Rack[/mageProductLink] expands your storage options by allowing a duffel bag, motorcycle jackets, or just about any cargo to be tied down to the top of your case. This rack perfectly fits to the top of the V46 Top Case and installation is easy, as it only takes a few screws.

[mageProductLink sku="012-e95s" title=""]GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Soft Back Pad[/mageProductLink]Back Rest Pad

The [mageProductLink sku="012-e95s" title=""]V46 Back Rest Pad[/mageProductLink] is soft cushioned pad designed to provide extra comfort for the passenger when leaning against the top case. Featuring an ergonomic contoured shape to better conform to the passenger's back, this accessory helps relieve aches and pains on those long rides. Your passengers will thank you for that extra bit of comfort.

[mageProductLink sku="012-e106" title=""]GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Brake Light Kit[/mageProductLink]Brake and Interior Lights

These lights, sold separately, increase your visibility - both on the road and inside your case. The [mageProductLink sku="012-e106" title=""]interior light kit[/mageProductLink] runs on AA batteries and is designed to shut off automatically when the case is closed (although there is a manual override switch included for continual usage). The brake light kit helps your bike be seen at night, always a good thing.

[mageProductLink sku="012-c46" title=""]GIVI Monokey V46 Top Case Lid Panel[/mageProductLink]Top Case Colored Lid Panels

Fashioned from the same material as the top case, these [mageProductLink sku="012-c46" title=""]colored covers[/mageProductLink] are designed to mount directly to the V46 Top Case. The colored covers are offer color matching options so you can coordinate your case to your scooter or motorcycle. Another good use of these panels is to replace a scratched or damaged lid, whether you want to change the color or not.

[mageProductLink sku="012-t468b" title=""]GIVI 33 Liter Top Case Inner Liner[/mageProductLink]Top Case Interior Liner

The [mageProductLink sku="012-t468b" title=""]Top Case Inner Liner[/mageProductLink] is a bag designed to go inside your top case, making the storing and retrieving of your gear a breeze. It is equipped with a large pocket on the front, and the main compartment is designed to be opened while still in the case - thus allowing easy access to all of your gear, even if you leave the liner in the case.

As there is little to no storage room on a motorcycle, it's essential riders find quality luggage for their bikes. The GIVI V46 Top Case is everything a rider will need to get from A to B. And a streamlined design makes this case aerodynamic on the road. Riders won't even notice it's there.

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