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Great Choices When It Comes To Motorcycle Helmets, Gloves And Boots

Chaparral Motorsports
September 21, 2014

Aside from a motorcycle, there are only a few things a rider needs. However, these items are essential. Riders who are in the market for a helmet, gloves and boots have plenty of options to choose from. They should choose products that suit their needs and fit into their style of riding.


There is no shortage of quality motorcycle helmets today. The primary factor to narrow your choices is down is the style of riding you'll be doing. You'll likely want a different helmet for your sport bike than your off-road one. Nonetheless, plenty of helmets are out there for each style of riding. Here are a few suggestions:

[caption id="attachment_33859" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="11602-016-s" title=""]2015 Fox Racing V4 Race Helmet[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="11602-016-s" title="2015 Fox Racing V4 Race Helmet"]2015 Fox Racing V4 Race Helmet[/mageProductLink][/caption]

Fox Racing's V4 Helmet:

This is the perfect product for motocross. Featuring a carbon-fiber shell, dual-layer EPS liner in a full-face model, riders are given the ultimate balance of comfort and performance.

[caption id="attachment_33856" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="371-456e-1031" title=""]LS2 MX456E Launch Helmet[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="371-456e-1031" title="LS2 MX456E Launch Helmet"]LS2 MX456E Launch Helmet[/mageProductLink][/caption]

LS2's MX456E:

Featuring an ultra lightweight, tri-composite fiberglass shell construction, this helmet is made for long rides. It even includes a built-in air pump fit system so a rider has the perfect fit every time.


While a helmet is likely the top safety product for a rider, gloves aren't far behind. They are the helmet of the hands. And when it comes to protecting this vital part of the body, it's important to get a quality pair. Here are some great options:

[caption id="attachment_33861" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="261-5030-000-110-000" title=""]Klim Induction Long Vented Leather Gloves[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="261-5030-000-110-000" title="Klim Induction Long Vented Leather Gloves"]Klim Induction Long Vented Leather Gloves[/mageProductLink][/caption]

Klim Induction Long Vented Leather Gloves:

Made from premium leather and a quick-drying liner, a rider's hands will not only be safe, but also comfortable.

[caption id="attachment_33857" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="033-g21-013" title=""]Scorpion EXO Guardian Leather Gloves[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="033-g21-013" title="Scorpion EXO Guardian Leather Gloves"]Scorpion EXO Guardian Leather Gloves[/mageProductLink][/caption]

Scorpion EXO Guardian Leather Gloves:

Grade-A cowhide leather and anti-slip throttle guard palm are some of the top features to these gloves.


A good pair of motorcycle boots will keep a rider secured to their bike, not to mention safe from the harsh conditions of the road. Whether mud or rocks fling up on a rider, or they are back-flipping a jump, they won't have to worry about looking good or staying safe with a great pair of boots. Here are some quality options:

[caption id="attachment_33858" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="12252-001-8" title=""]2015 Fox Racing Instinct Boots[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="12252-001-8" title="2015 Fox Racing Instinct Boots"]2015 Fox Racing Instinct Boots[/mageProductLink][/caption]

Fox Racing Instinct Boots:

This product provides a great combination of comfort, protection and style. Their five-layer sole is reminiscent of a running shoe, offering unbridled comfort in a motocross boot.

[caption id="attachment_33860" align="alignleft" width="150"][mageProductLink sku="037-3410-1048" title=""]2015 Thor Blitz MX Boots[/mageProductLink] [mageProductLink sku="037-3410-1048" title="2015 Thor Blitz MX Boots"]2015 Thor Blitz MX Boots[/mageProductLink][/caption]

Thor Blitz Boots:

With a contoured gaiter for mobility and comfort and a low top design, the unique style of these boots is what resonates with riders.

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