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Bicycle Helmets: 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping

Chaparral Motorsports
August 27, 2014
Bicycle Helmets 3 Things Title

As you peruse helmets, consider opting for safety. A quality product is worth investing in. Whether you are a serious or casual rider, you'll want a good bicycle helmet to keep you safe. It will last for years to come and protect you when you need it most. Helmets give you peace of mind when heading out on a ride across your state or for that upcoming race.

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1) Size Does Matter

Bike helmets are essential in keeping your ride safe and comfortable. With a wide array of features, you can rest assured a ride - whether it's a serious race or a casual jaunt - will go as smooth as possible. Riders will likely want a stylish helmet. However, first and foremost they should make sure the helmet fits properly. Comfort and design should a take a backseat to safety when considering a helmet purchase.

If you are shopping for a helmet, there are a number of things you will want to consider. The primary concern you should have is finding the right size helmet. While most products on the market are one-size-fits-all, it's important to make sure if fits your head properly.

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2) Match Your Riding Style

Getting a valuable product also means finding one that is tailored to your riding style. Mountain bikers might want a different helmet than someone who rides a single-gear around the city. The choices are endless for whatever way you ride.

When shopping for a bike helmet you'll also want to take your style of riding into account. Typically, mountain bike riders will have more durable helmets. If you are one of these riders, it's likely you'll face more obstacles, such as trees, therefore you'll want a durable helmet. Mountain bike riders also tend to wear visors on their helmets, as well. This will block the sun from your eyes, but it will add a little wind resistance.

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3) Know When To Replace

While a cyclist might be purchasing their first helmet ever, many will likely be replacing an old one. So how can a person decide if their old helmet needs replacing?

Any helmet that's been involved in a crash should likely be replaced. Even if it looks undamaged at a glance, certain components could have been affected and the helmet might not be as safe as it once was. However, for those who have not been in a crash, a helmet should probably be replaced if its more than five years old.

A good helmet is a worthwhile investment. This piece of equipment can last for years to come, so it's good to buy one that is comfortable and high in quality. Those shopping for a helmet will likely find a plethora of options to choose from. However, it's important they go with a helmet that is certified for its safety.

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