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Light Up The Night With Baja Designs Squadron Universal LED Headlight Kit

Chaparral Motorsports
August 12, 2014

There are a few critical pieces of equipment motorcycle riders shouldn't go without, and the [mageProductLink sku="356-4884" title="Baja Designs Squadron Universal LED Headlight Kit"]Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit[/mageProductLink] from Baja Designs ranks high on that list. Making sure you are visible on your motorcycle is essential, and like a helmet - arguably the most essential piece of gear - it will keep you safe. This goes double if you often take rides at night.

Baja Designs is a proud performance lighting systems company for the motorcycle business. They set themselves apart from the competition with their innovation and creative designs. Once a rider tries their products, it's likely they'll never go back to any other lighting.

Baja Designs Squadron Universal LED Headlight Kit Title"At Baja Designs, we believe that pavement exists solely to connect riding trails," reads the company's website. "We're avid off-road motorcycle riders and racers that have ridden all over the world. We are convinced that there is no better way to explore this world than on a dirt bike. Our purpose at Baja Designs is to provide you with high quality custom off road equipment along with the technical and riding/racing experience to back it up."

And when it comes to high-quality equipment, nothing trumps the Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit. Designed to keep riders safer on- or off-road, this L.E.D. light is perfect for a dirt bikes.

"Our Squadron Pro motorcycle light is the next generation of L.E.D. lighting," reads the Baja Designs website. "The Squadron Pro is designed specifically for aggressive night-time riding by combining amazing distance projection, wide peripheral spread and a smooth light pattern."

This lighting solution is essential to keeping you safe on a night ride. You will be given peace of mind, knowing other motorists can see you and more importantly, avoid you. Not to mention it will help you navigate a dark roadway, whether it's a trail or pavement.

"This light utilizes four CREE XM-L2 LEDs - the brightest, most efficient L.E.D.s on the market to give you a blinding 4300 lumens," the website stated. "Not only is the Squadron Pro the brightest L.E.D. light on the market, but it also only draws 3.6 amps. If you're looking for the ultimate in L.E.D. lighting for your motorcycle the Baja Designs Squadron Pro is your answer!"

More Details On The Squadron

[caption id="attachment_33255" align="alignright" width="300"][mageProductLink sku="356-4884" title=""]Baja Designs Squadron Universal LED Headlight Kit[/mageProductLink] Baja Designs Squadron Universal LED Headlight Kit[/caption]

The Baja Designs Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit has a number of features that make it a leading L.E.D. race light for motorcycles riders.

Designed to keep riders safe without inhibiting any other performance, the Baja Designs Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit features a hard-coated, polycarbonate lens. The stainless steel fasteners and mounts easily secure it to a bike, so you can rest assured that's right where it will stay.

The Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit consumes 42 watts of power and has a life expectancy of 49,930 hours. That's a lot of riding time. Additionally, this product comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, ensuring riders of the quality of the Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit.

It is important to note, however, that certain electric start bikes might require the stator to be modified, as well as the addition of a new rectifier or regulator in order to run the L.E.D. lights.

If you are looking to add a lighting solution to your bike, look no further than the Baja Designs Squadron Universal L.E.D. Headlight Kit. These headlights come in red, black, blue and white; allowing you to choose a product that best suits your style. Staying safe on the road has never been easier, and you'll look good doing it.

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