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T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag Ideal For A Long Commute

Chaparral Motorsports
May 8, 2014
T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag Title

The [mageProductLink sku="310-4966" title="T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag"]T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag[/mageProductLink] bears that name for a reason: Because it is perfect for taking on long distance rides. With plenty of room on the interior and an additional optional storage on top as well, the T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag is ideal for motorcycle riders looking for functional storage space while on the road. Any rider who has been on a long commute knows it can be a challenge, and the T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag will make it all that much easier.

T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag


has a complete line-up of [mageProductLink sku="310-4966" title=""]T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag[/mageProductLink]motorcycle luggage for all types of bikes and needs. This sissy bar bag features 2 cubic feet of storage space, accommodating everything from a maps to iPads. Featuring a large main storage compartment with a laptop sleeve, as well as two mesh internal pockets, this motorcycle bag has plenty of room for all of your gear and accessories. It also has a large top compartment for additional storage, allowing riders quick access to anything in this part of the bag. Finally, the bag features two side storage pockets, which are big enough for an iPad, along with an external organizer for smaller items like a phone or pencils.

While clearly this bag has the smart storage solutions every rider is looking for on a long commute, durability is another important feature to any piece of motorcycle gear. And that's where the T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag sets itself apart from the competition. The bag is made from tough 1680 denier colorfast ballistic nylon construction featuring high density foam throughout. Any rider can be given peace of mind, knowing the contents of their T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag are safe. Not to mention, owners are given a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on their bag, guaranteeing it is made to last, no matter what the road brings.

The Benefits Don't Stop There

[mageProductLink sku="310-4966" title=""]T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag[/mageProductLink]In addition to providing more storage with a durable design, the T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag will also keep riders safe on the road with reflective piping cleverly integrated throughout the exterior. But that's just one of many more features that make this bag perfect for a long motorcycle trip.

Here are a variety of other reasons why riders will want the T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag:

  • It comes with an external rain cover to protect from the harsh elements
  • It features detachable rubberized adjustable top netting for storing additional items on the top of the bag
  • Patented technology allows for easing mounting to most backrests
  • Carry handles and detachable backpack make it useful when not on the road.
  • The bag always maintains the same shape, adding some style to a cruiser.

Preparing For A Long Commute

[mageProductLink sku="310-4966" title=""]T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag[/mageProductLink]As riding a motorcycle long distances is no walk in the park, riders will want to ensure they have the right gear for the road. The T-Bags Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag is the ideal product when it comes to luggage. However, those heading out on long rides should consider a number of other items to ensure they are not only safe, but that a ride is as comfortable as possible.

While any helmet might be OK for the short trip to work, on a long ride they could get uncomfortable. Riders preparing for a long road trip will want to consider a full face helmet before taking off. This helmet covers the entire head with additional features like ventilation, ear protection and face shields, which are essential for a long trip on a motorcycle.

And like having a comfortable helmet, riders will also want to make sure they have the right apparel for a trip. From staying warmer with leather pants to keeping hands safe with gloves, a few extra purchases before a long ride will likely be worth it.

Best of all, when a rider's not using their gear, they can easily store it in their T-Bars Cross Country Sissy Bar Bag.

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