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Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tubes Are Perfect For Riders On The Go

Chaparral Motorsports
April 29, 2014


This tube is a notch above the rest. Made from Butyl rubber and featuring a seamless construction, the [mageProductLink sku="337-0104" title="Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tubes"]Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tube[/mageProductLink] is made to withstand the elements of a rigorous motorcycle ride.

All Tubes Are Not Created Equal

Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tube Box

When it comes to motorcycle tubes, the weak point is the valve. This part of the tube is naturally more susceptible to leaks and damage. It can ripped off if the tires spin on the rim, or could cause a number of other issues if not installed properly.

However, the Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tube valves are a different story. These valves are heavy duty and won't be as likely to break or cause leaks. You are given peace of mind with the durability of the Bikemaster Import Motorcycle Tube and its valve stem. The durability of this product will keep you riding as long as you want.

The Right Valve Makes Such A Big Difference


has an extensive range of motorcycle and ATV tubes, not only fitting a wide range of tire sizes but valve requirements as well. Each valve is uniquely styled to fit and durability requirements.

  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0104" title="Bikemaster TR-6 Valve Stem Tube"]TR-6 Valve[/mageProductLink] - A straight metal valve with an 8mm diameter. Available with an [mageProductLink sku="337-0500" title="Bikemaster TR-6 Offset Valve Stem Tube"]offset[/mageProductLink].
  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0194" title="Bikemaster TR-13 Valve Stem Tube"]TR-13 Valve[/mageProductLink] - A straight rubber valve with a 11.5mm diameter.
  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0169" title="Bikemaster TR-15 Offset Valve Stem Tube"]TR-15 Offset Valve[/mageProductLink] - A straight rubber valve with a 16mm diameter.
  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0080" title="Bikemaster TR-87 Valve Stem Tube"]TR-87 Valve[/mageProductLink] - A short 90° angle metal valve with a 10mm diameter.
  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0107" title="Bikemaster TR-87C Valve Stem Tube"]TR-87C Valve[/mageProductLink] - A tall 90° angle metal valve with a 10mm diameter.
  • [mageProductLink sku="337-0461" title="Bikemaster PV-78 Valve Stem Tube"]PV-78 Valve[/mageProductLink] - A tall 90° angle metal valve.

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