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5 Top-Notch Characteristics Of The Nolan N104 Helmet

Chaparral Motorsports
April 23, 2014
Nolan N104 Modular Helmets Title

Searching through the thousands of options of motorcycle helmets can be arduous. With so many choices ranging from flip-up helmets to full-face models, deciding between different accessories often depends on personal preferences and a budget. However, there are some qualities that can make an impression on a shopper. You may not know these traits until you see them, but there's a good chance the [mageProductLink sku="339-5589" title="Nolan N104 Modular Helmet"]Nolan N104 Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink] has them in spades.

While there are many benefits to the Nolan N104 Modular Helmet, here are five of the top characteristics that may sway you to make this motorcycle helmet your next purchase:

[caption id="attachment_31642" align="alignright" width="300"][mageProductLink sku="339-5479" title=""]Nolan N104 Modular Storm Helmet[/mageProductLink] Nolan N104 Modular Storm Helmet[/caption]

1) Bluetooth Ready

One of this helmet's top features is that it is factory ready for the B4 N-Com Bluetooth communication system. While you will have to purchase the rear cartridge system separately, the helmet is made for easy integration and ease of access while using the headset. With little effort on your part you can easily keep connected while on the road.

2) Ultrawide Visor Port

Visibility is also a key aspect of the N104, and with the help of an ultrawide visor, it's easier than ever to see what's on the road ahead. It is the largest eyeport of any Nolan product and comes complete with fog- and scratch-resistance. You can even take advantage of the new vision protection system. With this feature, a slider bar can be used to lower the visor and a push-button release system is employed to retract it, allowing you to make a change instantly depending on your needs.

[caption id="attachment_31648" align="alignright" width="300"][mageProductLink sku="339-5689" title=""]Nolan N104 Modular Tech Helmet[/mageProductLink] Nolan N104 Modular Tech Helmet[/caption]

3) Airbooster Ventilation System

Of course, staying comfortable always matters. Nolan has included its new Airbooster system on the N104. This begins with an air intake on the chin bar, along with one in the frontal area, which collects fresh air and circulates it around to the rear extractors. This helps to maintain the temperature level within the helmet, ensuring the interior linings, cheek pads and neck roll don't overheat a rider.

4) 2-Shell Engineering

While it may not sound like the hippest aspect, the fact that the Nolan N104 Modular Helmet is that is made with two completely different shell sizes is quite important, as this allows the accessory to be available in sizes ranging from 2XS to 3XL. That means it's ideal for anyone from children to adults, regardless of their experience on a motorcycle, and the space ratio stays the same throughout all of the different sizes. No matter what, the shell is made from an injected polycarbonate GE Lexan, ensuring a lightweight, sturdy frame.

You can even order face shields designed to fit one of the two shell sizes for a perfect fit every time. Regardless of what size you choose, you will still get a DOT-approved helmet with a comfortable, snug interior.

[caption id="attachment_31630" align="alignright" width="300"][mageProductLink sku="339-5589" title=""]Nolan N104 Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink] Nolan N104 Modular Helmet[/caption]

5) Patented Chin Guard System

Chin guards have long been a bane of some riders, but the new and improved setup on the Nolan N104 Modular Helmet aims to make the use of this element more enjoyable. This design is one of the reasons the two-shell engineering is possible and goes a long way toward improving the safety of a rider. The dual-action chin guard makes it simple to open or release the gear with one hand - an element that is ideal for ease and emergencies - and also increases the comfort of the piece.

6) The All-New Microlock2

If you need another reason to jump onboard the N104 bandwagon, you might just find it in the form of the Microlock2. Through the use of multiple levers, this system secures the chin strap, making sure it can only be accessed with a broad turn of the opening lever. While this may not sound like much, it guarantees that there are no accidental openings, improving the overall safety of the helmet exponentially. Best of all, it's is easy to use, so you receive all of the added benefits without any excess work or worry.

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