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Get Ready For A Weekend Ride

Chaparral Motorsports
April 18, 2014

Spring is here and more motorcyclists are taking to trails and streets as the weather continues to improve. However, those heading out for a long weekend ride are encouraged to take some steps to ensure they are completely ready. It's been a long and harsh winter, so making sure everything is up to snuff will likely pay off.

1) Get Supplies Ready

2013 Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS - Parked

Going on a long trip likely means a rider will need some extra supplies, especially for those who are camping out. Here are a number of things to consider packing:

  • Extra water and food in case a rider finds themselves out in the wilderness away from a store.
  • An extra set of clothes in case something happens to the clothes a rider is wearing.
  • A first-aid kit just to be safe

In addition, riders are reminded to fill up their gas tank before taking off.

2) Check Your Bike

Mechanic Working On Cruiser

Before heading out for the weekend, a rider should assess the state of their bike, especially if it has been sitting in a garage all winter. Here are some things to look into:

  • Tires: Make sure both tires are properly inflated. Even if just one of the tires is suspect, it might be a good idea to have it replaced before heading out on a long trip.
  • Lights: Riders will also want to check to see if headlights, brake lights and turn signal lights are all working properly.
  • Fluids: It's also important to make sure all fluids are topped off before taking off.
  • Brakes: This is one of the most important aspects of a bike, so ensure brakes are working properly.

3) Purchase New Gear

2013 Yamaha WR450F - Woods

Experienced motorcyclists know they just aren't heading out on a weekend trip with their bike, as they also need gear. Whether it's making a sure a helmet is ready for the riding season or a jacket still fits after a long winter, riders are encouraged to check their gear before leaving. If anything needs to be replaced, it's likely a good idea to purchase some new motorcycle gear.

4) Plan A Trip

GPS and map

Aside from making sure supplies, gear and a bike are ready for a weekend trip, riders will also want to map a route. This goes double for those heading off-road. Bringing along a map, instead of just the GPS on your smartphone, will ensure a rider knows their location, even when cell phone service is not working. However, adequately planning is a surefire way to avoid any issues.

5) Have Fun!

Now is a great time to be a motorcyclist. The weather is only getting better and the riding season has begun, so enjoy it.

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