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Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Takes A Step Into The Future

Chaparral Motorsports
February 20, 2014
Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Modular Helmet Title

Riding a sport bike can be an extremely exciting experience, but it does require a lot of foresight and planning. After all, not every type of adventure calls for the same combination of speed and style, and the motorcycle gear used on a sport bike has to be able to handle the rigors of extended riding, much like touring gear, while also offering the same kind of protection at high speeds that is normally associated with motocross or racing equipment. So how can you find products that satisfy your need for speed while also keeping you safe? It may difficult to toe the line, but Bell Helmets tried to do just that with the [mageProductLink sku="650-2033298" title="Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Modular helmet"]Revolver EVO Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink].

New Developments Lead The Way

[mageProductLink sku="650-2033298" title=""]Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink]A big-name brand like Bell Helmets doesn't rest on its laurels, especially when it comes to something as important a motorcycle helmets. So it's no surprise the company sent its research and development team to improve the existing Revolver helmet. The end result of those efforts was the Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Modular Helmet, and the innovations included on this piece of equipment are enough to set the product apart from other options on the market. Using the base of the Bell Revolver, the EVO Modular Helmet builds on the brand's tradition of excellence to create a forward-thinking accessory. This may be the first modular helmet designed by Bell, but you'd never know it judging by the exemplary attributes included on the model.

Top-Notch Features

[mageProductLink sku="650-7000635" title=""]Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Templar Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink]Designed for both function and performance, the Revolver EVO is a lightweight helmet with a composite polycarbonate alloy shell base. Its aerodynamic shape cuts down on wind resistance and improves the stability of the helmet. Even the eye port has been optimized for the best possible performance: The revamped shape now reduces the wind noise that cuts through the seals for a quieter, more enjoyable riding experience at high speeds. The interior of the helmet is just as progressive. Like many other Bell models, the material on the inside is removable and washable, and it has contoured cheek pads for maximum comfort. A new chin curtain has been installed to keep cold air and wind from entering, but that doesn't mean temperature control is a problem. Instead, the Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust circulates air around the inside of the helmet and maintains the most comfortable environment for a rider. Other features, such as the all-new Magnefusion strap keeper, which uses magnets to keep spare parts in place while on the move, add to the overall quality of the helmet. While the colorways are a bit limited, you can choose between the standard black, white, and matte black solid colors; or the stylish graphic options. There is even a [mageProductLink sku="650-2033322" title="Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Hi-Viz Modular helmet"]high-visibility[/mageProductLink] option for those with safety foremost on their minds.

Ready For Sport Bike Action

[mageProductLink sku="650-7000623" title=""]Bell Helmets Revolver EVO Warp Modular Helmet[/mageProductLink]When you're on a sport bike, time is of the essence. That's why the Revolver EVO helmet comes with certain features that help make the most of your time on the machine, ensuring that you never have to waste a minute fiddling with the accessory. The Revolver EVO could come in handy for riders who wear prescription glasses, or simply don't want to have to take their sunglasses off as they pull the gear on. Of course, if you're not worried about wearing specific eyewear but still want to protect your eyes from the sun's glare, you can take advantage of the internal sun shade. You don't have to stop or make any switches to get this shield - just drop it down and it will cover the visor with a tint that will make your adventure a bit more comfortable.

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