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Cutting-Edge Design On Display In Sidi MAG-1 Sportbike Boots

Chaparral Motorsports
February 19, 2014
Sidi Mag-1 Sport Bike Boots Title

Anyone who has spent time on a sport bike knows the importance of having the right protective gear. In competitive environments such as road racing, riders often push themselves to the limit. While that can be extremely rewarding and thrilling, it also might be dangerous. As a result, shielding the body with the right accessories is essential. Helmets, jackets and gloves are all common purchases, but a key investment that should not be overlooked is sportbike boots.

When you're searching for the perfect protective footwear, you may be drawn to the [mageProductLink sku="043-2134-x-41" title="Sidi Mag-1 Sportbike Boots"]Sidi MAG-1 Sportbike Boots[/mageProductLink], one of the latest motorcycle boots offered by Italian manufacturer Sidi. Those who want to stay at the forefront of motorcycle technology will undoubtedly give the product a chance.

Basics Of The Boot

[caption id="attachment_30668" align="alignright" width="300"]Inside The Sidi Mag-1 Sport Bike Boots Inside The Sidi Mag-1 Sport Bike Boots[/caption]

Constructed from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and polyurethane, these Sidi motorcycle boots are lighter than many similar options on the market. In fact, it is about 17 percent lighter than the [mageProductLink sku="1407.0704" title="Sidi Vortice Race Boot"]Vortice[/mageProductLink], another Sidi product, as the footwear weighs just 4.4 pounds.

Riders can adjust the Sidi boot to meet their needs and body types. The calf area is capable of expanding up to 15 inches in diameter at 11.5 inches about the heel, which also allows for motorcycle pants and multiple layers to be worn if necessary. It has been double-stitched in nearly all of the high-stress areas that take a beating as part of a racing outfit, which can prolong the life of the footwear.

Another convenience offered by the Sidi MAG-1 is the comfort it provides, particularly with regard to how it molds to the motorcycle. The heel cup has been made smooth and flat on the inside, allowing a rider to get flush with the bike for the most aerodynamic positioning. It also has shock absorption built in to the back and outside of the boot for added comfort.

If these features become worn down through use, you can replace them by simply adjusting a screw in the interlocking system. In fact, all of the bolt-on parts, such as the shin, heel, closures and toe slider, are replaceable, which means you can make any necessary changes or upgrades as needed without investing in an all-new pair of boots.

Anatomical Support

Sidi Mag-1 Sport Bike Boot Movement

One of the biggest advantages of the Sidi MAG-1 Sportbike Boot is the support it provides to the foot and ankle of a rider. Its innovative brace system is designed to offer stability throughout the ankle, reducing the risk of injury or damage in the event of a crash. However, it does that without limiting the flexibility of the joint, which is key when going through the tight turns common in road racing. The unique design of the boot enables a wearer to have all of the front-to-back motion they need, while limiting the more dangerous side-to-side movement.

The internal support system included on the MAG-1 is also a major benefit. This cutting-edge design is made up of carbon fiber beams, which comprise the frame of the boot. With superior strength and excellent protection, this is a feature that riders will certainly appreciate, and it could ultimately mean the difference between a serious injury and just an inconvenience.

Additionally, the MAG-1 boot comes equipped with comfort panels that shield the arch of the foot as well as the Achilles tendon. Made from elastic textile and injection-molded polyurethane, these sections wrap the aforementioned areas for maximum support. There is also a removable arch pad included as part of the nylon sole.

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