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An Inside Look At The Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System

Posted on January 2, 2014 by TwoWheelMania.

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System TitleOne of the most important parts of motorcycle safety is investing in the right gear - and that goes far beyond motorcycle clothing. Having the right communications device is essential, as it allows all riders to focus on the road and the elements without sacrificing a connection to companions. These systems make it easier to control music, receive navigation instructions and complete other tasks while on the back of a bike, and they are necessary for those who want to stay safe at all times.

A product many riders should consider is the [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10d-10" title="Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack"]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System[/mageProductLink]. As one of the most respected devices on the market, this Sena item is a valuable investment for all kinds of motorcyclists.

Why Sena?

Sena SMH10 Communication System Mounting Options Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System with its mounting options.

Sena is one of the most trusted names when it comes to motorcycle communications. The brand creates a number of top-of-the-line communications systems, enabling riders to talk to companions across great distances. Products like the SMH10 come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty that should provide some peace of mind, and the brand also operates with easy-to-find batteries and has a full range of headsets and accessories that make outfitting the system simple and affordable.

About The Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System

Sena SMH10 Universal Boom Microphone On HJC RPHA Modular HelmetThe Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System comes with a variety of tools that allow riders to use Bluetooth technologies on the go. Operating across a range of approximately 980 yards, the four-way conference intercom can connect a quartet of motorcyclists in any environment. All can control their units with voice prompts, and the Bluetooth stereo headset also lets you use MP3 plays or similar mobile devices in a hands-free way.

A number of other hands-free capabilities can be accessed with the Sena communication system. In addition to using voice controls to play, pause or skip musical tracks, riders can also speak to each other without having to fumble with phones, or they can access directions from a GPS system, make outside phone calls or accomplish similar tasks with a mobile device. Each audio source has individual volume control, allowing everyone to find a level they are comfortable with.

The SMH10 comes optimized for noise cancellation, as well as wind noise reduction. It is water resistant as well, ensuring riders can use it in all types of weather. In any condition, riders will be able to enjoy excellent clarity, easy operation and a variety of capabilities that can enhance the time on a bike.

Know The Specs

Because the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System has so many separate mounting options and parts, it can be difficult to understand the exact capabilities of each. That makes it incredibly important to know the specifications of the many systems, as these qualities will play a role in how you use the device to your greatest advantage.

Headset Unit

Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication SystemThe talk time clocks in at about 12 hours, while stand-by time can stretch to nearly 10 days without a charge. Getting a full charge only takes about 2.5 hours. It can also operate at most temperatures, ranging from 14 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. At 2.11 ounces, the system is quite lightweight and easy to carry and install, making it a top choice for many riders who want function without having to sacrifice comfort. This system has a few simple options that are easy to install on a motorcycle helmet and won't interfere with an aerodynamic or ergonomic design.

Boom Microphone Helmet Clamp

[mageProductLink sku="690-smh10-10" title=""]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Boom Microphone[/mageProductLink]The [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10-10" title="Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System"]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System[/mageProductLink] basic setup includes a fixed boom microphone built into the helmet clamp. With the microphone integrated with the headset, this set up is ideal for motorcycle helmets with an open face or those with modular capabilities. While it can be used with a full face helmet the microphone's limited maneuverability can get in the way. For those who prefer a half helmet, Sena makes an optional [mageProductLink sku="690-smh-a303" title="Sena SMH10 Earbud Helmet Clamp Kit"]earbud headset[/mageProductLink] with the fixed boom microphone and without speakers, so you can use your favorite earbuds instead. There is also a [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10d-10" title="Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack"]dual pack[/mageProductLink] option which includes two complete systems in one box.

Universal Microphone Helmet Clamp

[mageProductLink sku="690-smh10-11" title=""]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone[/mageProductLink]The [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10-11" title="Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone"]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone[/mageProductLink] is ideal for full face helmets. This kit includes both a wired microphone, that you can attach inside your street bike helmet without fear of it getting in the way, and an attachable boom microphone. The boom microphone can be positioned inside a modular motorcycle helmet with ease. Riders who order the [mageProductLink sku="690-smh10d-11" title="Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone Dual Pack"]Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communication System With Universal Microphone Dual Pack[/mageProductLink] will receive two main headset units, two helmet clamp units, two car chargers, two each of USB and stereo cables, four Velcro pads for speakers, four standard speaker pads, two microphone sponges and two microphone caps. There is even an option for those who prefer to use their own [mageProductLink sku="690-smh-a304" title="Sena SMH10 Earbud Helmet Clamp Kit With Universal Microphone"]earbuds[/mageProductLink] instead of the headset's speakers.

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