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Thanksgiving For The Motorsports Enthusiast: 10 Ways To Make Your Turkey Day More Motor Friendly

Chaparral Motorsports
November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving for the Motorsports Enthusiast:

10 Ways to Make your Turkey Day more Motor Friendly

turkeybikeThanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, a time for family, friends, food, and fun. But it can also be stressful dealing with crowds at the shopping centers, traveling, cooking, and handling relatives and house guests. One way to help relieve stress is to make sure you're in a comfortable environment and surrounded by things that are familiar to you and make you feel happy. For a online superstore enthusiast that means hitting your favorite dirt bike track, cruising some trails in your UTV/ATV, or hopping on your cruiser motorcycle and going for a putt on your favorite road. Unfortunately not everyone can slip away from family or friends during the holiday. For those stuck inside or unable to get a little seat time here's some ideas that could be incorporated into your Thanksgiving holiday to make it a little more fun and more ATV, UTV, and motorcycle enthusiast friendly.

Note: This article is mostly for entertainment purposes only and not meant to be taken literally.

  1. tableThe Kids Table: No matter how well you plan, it never seems to fail that there just isn't enough room to fit everyone at the same table. Therefore the little ones typically get relegated to the kids table off to the side or in another room completely. If you're scrambling for a place for the kids to eat, a couple of [mageProductLink sku="124-94-4013" title=""]mini moto stands[/mageProductLink], [mageProductLink sku="124-1002" title=""]some dirt bike ramps[/mageProductLink], and a pair of [mageProductLink sku="334-1035" title=""]bike crates[/mageProductLink] can make an impromptu table and chairs. Kids will love (and most likely fight over the multi-colored stands) and cleanup is a breeze, just take the stands and ramps (and kids if necessary) outside and spray them down with the hose.
  2. padsThe Annual Turkey Bowl: If your Thanksgiving tradition consists of a friendly game of "touch" football, get into game mode and don some riding gear. With its high impact chest plate along with the elbow and shoulder pads, the [mageProductLink sku="10050-001-003" title=""]Titan Sport Protection Jacket[/mageProductLink] from Fox Racing will make you feel like an all-star running back as you barrel through the defense stiff arming your way into the end zone. Don't forget to add your best touchdown shuffle for the highlight reel.
  3. prpKing of the Castle: Every home owner has their favorite chair that makes him feel like the king of the castle. By adding a group of PRP seats to your living room you can make every guest feel like the king of the throne. Perfect for kicking back and watching a movie or armchair quarterbacking the late game, the high backs and wrap around design makes it feel like theater style stadium seating.
  4. helmetTune out: Chances are there will be some guest (most likely one of your annoying little cousins) that will bug you to no end retelling their latest video game accomplishment. Get into your own zone and tune them out with a [mageProductLink sku="039-5000" title=""]Summit 3.0 V-Com Bluetooth Modular Full-face Helmet[/mageProductLink] from Vega. With its Bluetooth connectivity you can link up to your cell phone to listen to music or catch up on phone calls with people you'd rather talk to, like your friends. The built in sunshield is great for dimming things down for a quick nap, while the modular chin bar means you can still snack on spinach dip without having to take the helmet off.
  5. paddleSnack Tray: Speaking of spinach dip, a sand [mageProductLink sku="368-1837" title=""]paddle tire[/mageProductLink] with its deep paddles can substitute as a chip and dip bowl. Or you could use the cups in the paddle to hold some of your condiments like pickles, olives, and butter. Just make sure you wash all the sand and mud out first.
  6. lazy suzanLazy Susan: No, not that girl down the street. We're talking about the spinning platform that you use to serve food. If you're the DIY type you could scrape together a rudimentary Lazy Suzan with a [mageProductLink sku="576-89-11811" title=""]dirt bike wheel[/mageProductLink] (hub and spokes installed) and a tray or piece of plywood. Just secure the wood or tray to the hub of the wheel, set it up in the middle of the table, and let the good times fly-literally.
  7. funnelsThe Mad Platter: The piece-de-resistance of any Thanksgiving meal is the arrival of the turkey to the dinner table. Usually this special presentation is reserved for great aunt Judie's priceless porcelain turkey platter that only sees action one time a year. Skip all the hoity-toity serving dishes and go with what you know[mageProductLink sku="315-1897" title=""]. A Bikemaster 8-gallon[/mageProductLink] oil drain pan should not only be large enough to accommodate a medium-sized bird once out of the oven, but the built in spout is perfect for adding extra drippings to your [mageProductLink sku="19-3031" title=""]Ratio Rite[/mageProductLink] gravy boat. A [mageProductLink sku="19-4000" title=""]Maxima Quick Mix 2 Bottle[/mageProductLink] is ideal for shaking up your homemade strawberry-Champaign vinaigrette dressing. And wouldn't it be a lot easier to get the kids to eat that gelatinous tube-shaped cranberry "sauce" if they could watch it ooze out of a [mageProductLink sku="19-13001" title=""]Flo Tool Spill Saver Funnel[/mageProductLink]?
  8. gogglesFood Fight: Remember that kids table we built earlier? Well, nine times out of ten there's going to be one unruly kid who decides to flick a spoon full of mash potatoes at his neighbor. All it takes a little gravy flying across the table before it's an all-out food fight. No worries, just throw on some [mageProductLink sku="352-510-1202" title=""]Liquid Image Torque Series goggles[/mageProductLink] and you can record all the pea-flying action in High-Def 1080P video without worrying about taking creamed corn napalm to the eyes.
  9. multi toolAlways be Prepared: You never know what kind of situation you'll find yourself in, so like a Boy Scout it best to always be prepared. A [mageProductLink sku="315-1656" title=""]multi-tool[/mageProductLink] can get you in and out of a lot of sticky situations-like opening that can of cranberry "sauce". You can use it to carve the turkey as well as utensils to eat your meal-pliers make for one heck of a fork.
  10. AO CoolersTake it to go: If the family and friends get to be too much to handle you can always just grab an AO Cooler and hit the trails. With their superior insulation and rugged construction you could get far, far, away from the chaos and your food will be perfectly preserved in all its lip-smacking glory. Available in a variety of sizes and colors they fit perfectly in the back of a UTV, on an ATV rack, or mounted to a sissybar. Or if you're going to a guest's house for turkey dinner, an AO cooler is a great solution for safely transporting all those delicious leftovers back to your fridge-where they belong!

Whatever your plans are for the Thanksgiving holiday, hopefully you get to eat good food, have some laughs, and are able to get out and enjoy some seat time on your favorite roads or trails.

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