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2013 AMSOIL GNCC John Penton Results

Chaparral Motorsports
June 5, 2013

Kailub Russell Takes The Victory At Wiseco John Penton GNCC

Grant Baylor Secures Second Career XC2 Pro Lites Victory

[caption id="attachment_26740" align="alignright" width="300"]Kailub Russell 2013 GNCC John Penton - 1st Place Kailub Russell closed the gap on points leader Charlie Mullins after taking the win at Round 7 - Photo: Ken Hill[/caption]

The 2013 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series took to Sunday Creek Raceway in Millfield, Ohio on Sunday for the 23rd running of the Wiseco John Penton GNCC. The National Championship title chase became much more exciting as Kailub Russell inched his way toward points leader Charlie Mullins by securing his second motorsports victory of the season in his home state of Ohio. Rookie Grant Baylor outlasted his veteran competition, taking his second win of the season in the XC2 class.

AmPro Yamaha's Paul Whibley grabbed yet another $250 All Balls Racing XC1 Holeshot Award but the Factory FMF/KTM duo of Mullins and Russell put themselves out front on the opening lap. Shenandoah Honda/'s Thad DuVall made his way past the defending champ Whibley, where he began his battle with Russell and Mullins in the lead pack.

Whibley battled early on with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC's Josh Strang and AmPro Yamaha teammate Jordan Ashburn before inserting himself into the lead position just before the halfway point. There were several lead changes throughout the seven-lap race and it didn't take long for Russell to reclaim the lead around Lap 4. From there, Russell and Mullins took command of the race, where the KTM duo eventually rode to a 1-2 finish for the day.

[caption id="attachment_26735" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thad DuVall 2013 GNCC John Penton - 15th Place Thad DuVall experienced tough luck with mechanical issues after running in podium contention - Photo: Ken Hill[/caption]

While running in podium contention, DuVall experienced issues with his rear shock that ultimately dropped the West Virginia native in the running order. DuVall's pit crew made the decision to pull him into the pits and replace the shock, where he finished ninth place in the XC1 class and 15th overall.

Strang took advantage of DuVall's misfortune, putting himself into podium contention at the end of the three-hour race. Strang was able to hold on for third, while Whibley came through in fourth and Carolina KTM/'s Chris Bach rounded out the top five overall.

Mullins and Russell top the National Championship standings after seven rounds of racing, while DuVall and Bach sit in third and fourth place respectively.

The championship chase for the XC2 Pro Lites class became much more interesting as rookie Grant Baylor secured his second win of the season and the all-new points lead after Round 7. Coming into the John Penton, F.A.R Husky's Andrew DeLong injured himself in a pre-race affair, causing the previous championship contender to miss the Ohio round on Sunday.

[caption id="attachment_26732" align="alignright" width="300"]Layne Michael 2013 GNCC XC2 John Penton - Holeshot Layne Michael grabbed his first ever $100 Holeshot Award - Photo: Ken Hill[/caption]

With DeLong out, several XC2 competitors looked to find a place atop the podium, including Morgantown Powersports-backed rider Layne Michael, who secured his first-ever $100 Holeshot Award to take the early lead. But it was DirtWise Schools/ rider Jason Thomas who claimed the lead on the opening lap and the defending champ led until Lap 4 when he experienced issues that ultimately took him out of the race.

DeLong's F.A.R Husky teammate Nick Davis, who charged through the pack after getting a tenth place start, moved his way into podium contention. Davis battled it out for the second place position with West Virginia's Zach Nolan and Pennsylvania's Michael McGinnis throughout the afternoon, where he eventually prevailed to secure a season-best second place finish in the class. Nolan was able to hold off McGinnis to take his second podium finish of the season with third place.

Grant Baylor now holds the points lead heading into Round 8 in two weeks. Thomas sits second in the class standings and DeLong holds the third place position, despite sitting out Sunday's John Penton GNCC.

North Carolina's Trevor Bollinger took the 4 Stroke A Lites class win once again and secured the Top Amateur honors by taking sixteenth overall. The next placing amateur was Indiana's Zach Love, finishing in twenty-first.

The 2013 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series continues June 15 and 16 with the Mountaineer Run GNCC.

About GNCC Racing
The AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country series is America's premier off-road racing series. Founded in 1975, the 13-round championship is produced exclusively by Racer Productions. Cross-country racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. The grueling three-hour GNCC races lead as many as 1,500 riders through tracks ranging in length from eight to 12 miles. With varied terrain, including hills, woods, mud, dirt, rocks and motocross sections, GNCC events are tests of both survival and speed. The series draws talent from all over the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. GNCC Racing is televised weekly on NBC Sports and For more information, please visit

Source: GNCC Racing

Kailub Russell Wins John Penton GNCC

[caption id="attachment_26738" align="alignright" width="300"]Kailub Russell 2013 GNCC John Penton - 1st Place Kailub Russell took the win at the John Penton GNCC to clinch his second victory this season - Photo: Harlen Foley[/caption]

Factory FMF/KTM rider Kailub Russell took the win at the John Penton GNCC to clinch his second victory this season while his teammate, Charlie Mullins, joined him on the podium in 2nd place.

In typical fashion, the two KTM riders battled throughout the three-hour race pulling a large gap on the rest of the field. Russell took over the lead on the second lap with Mullins in tow. On the last lap, Russell had an approximate 20 second cushion over Mullins when he crashed on a downhill. Mullins quickly caught Russell while he was recovering from the crash but then got hung up on the next hill allowing Russell to move back into the lead. From there, Russell rode it home for the win while Mullins came in just a short distance back in 2nd.

"I have always liked this race," remarked Russell. "It is always challenging. You never know what the weather will bring. Today was some of the best conditions I have seen at this track and I had a lot of fun."

KTM had further success in the XC2 Pro Lites class where the rookie, Grant Baylor, earned his second consecutive win of the season. On top of that, KTM also finished 1st and 2nd in the Women's class with Factory FMF/KTM rider Maria Forsberg taking the win and RPM/KTM rider Kacy Martinez finishing 2nd.

Next Event: Masontown, WV - June 15-16, 2013

Source: KTM North America

FAR Husqvarna On The XC2 Podium At John Penton GNCC

Nick Davis takes career-best second-place finish at Millfield, Ohio GNCC

[caption id="attachment_26734" align="alignright" width="300"]Nick Davis 2013 GNCC XC2 John Penton - 2nd Place FAR Husqvarna's Nick Davis battled through the muddy conditions to end the day in second place in the XC2 class - Photo: Ken Hill[/caption]

The Fred Andrews Racing Husqvarna team celebrated another podium in the 2013 GNCC Series, only this time it was Nick Davis' turn. The young rider showed his mettle at the John Penton GNCC by riding to a career-best second-place finish in the XC2 class.

Steady rain on Saturday night threatened to make the Millfield, Ohio race a mud fest, but sunshine on Sunday dried the terrain out enough to make it what racers called "one of the best John Penton races in a long time." Nick got out to rough start after a crash shortly after the start, but he got back on his Husqvarna TXC250R and charged his way through the pack. He held a solid second place heading into the last lap, with over a one-minute buffer over third, but nearly lost it after getting stuck.

"I rode great all day until the last lap," Davis said, referring to the incident that temporarily cost him a position. Nick approached one of the many rutted-out hill climbs and found it littered with other riders stuck in the mud. Davis didn't make it on his first attempt, and got stuck again on his second attempt. He finally resorted to pushing his bike up the hill, which allowed the third-place rider Zach Nolan to catch up.

[caption id="attachment_26733" align="alignleft" width="300"]2013 GNCC John Penton XC2 Winner's Podium XC2 podium: Nick Davis, Grant Baylor, Zach Nolan - Photo: Ken Hill[/caption]

"I really needed to step it up at that point," Nick commented. "I worked really hard to get [Zach] back, and I passed him with a few miles to go and pushed hard all the way to the finish."

Christopher Douglas made it two Husqvarna's in the top-ten of the XC2 class with a seventh-place finish. Davis' FAR Husqvarna teammate Andrew DeLong was unfortunately unable to race due to a hand injury suffered during the week.

Source: Husqvarna Motorcycles

John Penton GNCC Overview And Point Standings

2013 GNCC Series John Penton Image Gallery (Click for full size images)

Overall Results

Place Racer Class # Brand Laps Elapsed Time
1 Kailub Russell XC1 Pro 557 KTM 7 02:59:00.671
2 Charlie Mullins XC1 Pro 112 KTM 7 02:59:33.093
3 Josh Strang XC1 Pro 080 KAW 7 03:00:43.984
4 Paul Whibley XC1 Pro 001 YAM 7 03:00:47.125
5 Chris Bach XC1 Pro 010 KTM 7 03:03:49.015
6 Jordan Ashburn XC1 Pro 009 YAM 7 03:03:52.062
7 Grant Baylor XC2 Pro Lites 016 KTM 7 03:08:57.781
8 Nick Davis XC2 Pro Lites 045 HSQ 7 03:12:29.100
9 Zach Nolan XC2 Pro Lites 721 KTM 7 03:12:37.828
10 Michael McGinnis XC2 Pro Lites 031 KTM 7 03:13:08.578
11 Layne Michael XC2 Pro Lites 023 KTM 7 03:13:35.875
12 Takeshi Koikeda XC1 Pro 011 HON 7 03:14:16.453
13 Ian Blythe XC2 Pro Lites 460 KTM 7 03:15:17.625
14 Adam Bonneur XC1 Pro 022 KAW 7 03:15:24.453
15 Thad DuVall XC1 Pro 989 HON 7 03:15:54.078
16 Trevor Bollinger 4 Stroke A Lites 739 HON 7 03:16:56.000
17 Ricky Russell XC1 Pro 212 YAM 7 03:17:19.671
18 Christopher Douglas XC2 Pro Lites 026 HSQ 7 03:17:39.546
19 Samuel Evans XC2 Pro Lites 027 KTM 7 03:18:00.281
20 AJ Stewart XC2 Pro Lites 021 YAM 7 03:18:45.671

Rider Point Standings - XC1 Pro Class ( Race 7 of 13 )

  1. Charlie Mullins - 184
  2. Kailub Russell - 170
  3. Thad DuVall - 126
  4. Chris Bach - 122
  5. Josh Strang - 119
  6. Paul Whibley - 111
  7. Jordan Ashburn - 98
  8. Takeshi Koikeda - 87
  9. Adam Bonneur - 85
  10. Ricky Russell - 84

Rider Point Standings - XC2 Pro Lites Class ( Race 7 of 13 )

  1. Grant Baylor - 154
  2. Jason Thomas - 135
  3. Andrew DeLong - 121
  4. Jedediah Haines - 87
  5. Zach Nolan - 86
  6. Shane Hufford - 85
  7. AJ Stewart - 74
  8. Travis Coy - 70
  9. Michael McGinnis - 69
  10. Justin Sode - 58

Overall Results - Women's Class

Place # Racer Brand Laps Elapsed Time
1 411 Maria Forsberg KTM 4 01:56:35.593
2 496 Kacy Martinez KTM 4 02:00:53.578
3 551 Becca Sheets YAM 4 02:02:16.140
4 580 Brooke Cosner HON 4 02:09:26.031
5 222 Jessica Patterson YAM 4 02:23:16.265
6 562 Heather Cosner YAM 3 01:50:16.312
7 527 Mandi Mastin KTM 3 01:55:04.687
8 445 Shelby Rolen YAM 3 02:09:29.328
9 283 Dawn Silvia KTM 2 01:50:56.875
10 749 Megan Luketich KTM 1 00:36:46.125
DNF 313 Allie Spurgeon KTM 0 00:00:00.000
DNF 757 Sarah Baldwin KTM 0 00:00:00.000

Rider Point Standings - Women's Class ( Race 7 of 13 )

  1. Kacy Martinez - 115
  2. Maria Forsberg - 114
  3. Mandi Mastin - 108
  4. Becca Sheets - 106
  5. Jessica Patterson - 90
  6. Hannah Otto - 86
  7. Rachel Gutish - 70
  8. Karlynn Beam - 69
  9. Brooke Cosner - 60
  10. Allie Spurgeon - 59

Overall National Championship Standings
Overall National Championship Standings will determine the 2013 National Champion.

  1. Charlie Mullins - 177
  2. Kailub Russell - 160
  3. Chris Bach - 117
  4. Thad DuVall - 114
  5. Paul Whibley - 99
  6. Josh Strang - 97
  7. Grant Baylor - 80
  8. Jordan Ashburn - 77
  9. Jason Thomas - 73
  10. Andrew DeLong - 61
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