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2013 AMA Supercross Dallas Results

Chaparral Motorsports
February 19, 2013

Ryan Villopoto Comes Out On Top At Dallas Supercross

[caption id="attachment_23582" align="alignright" width="300"]Ryan Villopoto 2013 AMA Supercross Dallas - 1st Place Ryan Villopoto proved he's a strong contender for the crown in 2013 - Photo:[/caption]

Reigning Supercross champion Ryan Villopoto proved he's a strong contender for the crown in 2013 with a dominating performance at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Kawasaki rider led for all 20 laps around the indoor track to claim his third victory in the seventh main event of the motorsports season.

Villopoto edged out Davi Millsaps, who was in the top three for the duration of the race. Millsaps couldn't pass the leader, but he did manage to stay ahead of Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed, who finished in third and fourth place, respectively. It was the sixth time he boasted a podium finish this season.

"It was definitely a good 20 laps," said Millsaps. "I haven't ridden all week because I've been sick, so it's good to come away with a strong finish. Ryan [Villopoto] rode really well, so you have to give it to him."

With the second place finish, Millsaps maintains his hold on the no. 1 spot in the points standings. He is currently 21 points ahead of Dungey and 24 in front of Villopoto with next weekend's matchup at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta looming.

Rockstar Energy Racing Double Podiums at the First East Coast Stop of the AMA Supercross Series!

[caption id="attachment_23583" align="alignright" width="300"]Davi Millsaps 2013 AMA Supercross Dallas - Celebrate Davi Millsaps entered round 7 with a 19 point lead and kept the pressure on - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

Everyone is always excited to travel to the first east coast round of the season each year. It's great to see all the new faces and watch a whole new collection of riders line up for the 250 class. It's also nice to get out of California where the industry has been stuck for several weeks and see some new scenery. Weather in the past few years in Dallas has been very inconsistent. 3 years ago it was like a mini Blizzard, last year it was like a small monsoon. This year the 54,036 fans, riders and mechanics were treated a bit brisk but very sunny and beautiful Saturday.

Coming into the first round of the east, there are always a lot of crashes. 250 riders are so aggressive and eager to get on the track after watching 6 rounds of west coast racing from the sidelines. This year was much of the same with some of the most acrobatic crashes in recent memory. There's an old saying and everyone knows it. "You can't win the championship in the first round, but you can certainly lose it". Some riders definitely dug themselves a hole, while others rode smart heading into week two in a comfortable position. The Rockstar Energy Racing Team performed incredibly, picking up podium finishes in both the 250 and 450 classes for the third time in 4 weeks!

In the last ten years of the 450 Supercross Class, the rider leading the points after six rounds has won the championship nine out of ten times. Whether the lead be 3 points or 35. The only exception being when James Stewart was victorious over then Rockstar Energy Drink athlete Chad Reed. Davi Millsaps entered round 7 with a 19 point lead. The early season words were "Can Davi keep this up", now you can hear the team with huge smiles asking the question, "Is this really happening?" It surely is.

[caption id="attachment_23584" align="alignleft" width="300"]Davi Millsaps 2013 AMA Supercross Dallas - 2nd Place Davi Millsaps muscled his way through first corner with another holeshot - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

It has been a fairy tale season thus far without question. Millsaps has been able to overcome adversity when laid in front of him every time. This week he was sick as many riders have been this season and didn't ride all week. It was not evident in any way to the many onlookers however. In the second qualifying practice Davi was engaged in lap time battles with James Stewart and Ryan Dungey. The number 18 was on the top of the fast five leader board three different times in the practice. Finally he put himself on top to stay with the fastest lap time of the day.

He then went to work in his heat race winning by a significant margin. Then in the main event, he had a less than stellar jump off the gate, spinning his rear wheel and finally even having the front end come up on him. Yet somehow he muscled his way through first corner with another holeshot! After some scuffling early in the race, he found himself in 3rd. He then moved by Chad Reed for 2nd. From there he just rode solid and smart with a good pace, safely negotiating lappers. He made up some time on eventual winner Ryan Villopoto but finished in 2nd place with his 6th podium in 7 races. DM came in leading the championship by 19 and left with a 21 point gap over 2nd place.

"It was a fabulous, wonderful, amazing 20 laps. Won my heat race, then got the holeshot in the main and got 2nd. I'm very happy about that." - Davi Millsaps

[caption id="attachment_23590" align="alignright" width="300"]Blake Wharton 2013 AMA Supercross Lites East Dallas - 2nd Place Blake Wharton has to be considered a contender for the east coast title - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

Blake Wharton certainly has to be considered a title contender in the east coast 250 championship. He started the day a little slow in practice but that's one thing about being backed by an awesome surrounding cast. If Blake is struggling with something, it just needs to be figured out and remedied. The team rallied to make some changes to ensure Wharton would be more comfortable going into the night show. Coming down the start straight in his heat, Blake came into contact with another rider. Then entering the first turn a pile up ensued in front of him and he got stuck on a downed bike. As he was trying to move through the pack there was a bad crash resulting in a red flag.

When a race is past halfway but has yet to reach 90% completion, a curious thing happens. The infamous red flag restart. This was seen last year in Indianapolis for the first time in history. A race Wharton won. This was now the third time in two years and the second consecutive week the staggered restart took place where all riders are lined up single file on the start straight. Blake was not so lucky this time as all momentum was lost with the restart. He actually fell down vying for the final qualifying position in the last corner. Off to the LCQ he would have to go. He won that and went into the main event with the 2nd to last gate pick. Miraculously he nearly got the holeshot. He rode 15 smart laps and finished in the second position where he also sits in the championship now after one round.

[caption id="attachment_23591" align="alignleft" width="200"]Blake Wharton 2013 AMA Supercross Lites East Dallas - Podium Blake Wharton's 2nd place finish gave Rockstar Energy Racing another double podium night - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

"I've been watching in the west but it's been a while since I've raced. It's always nice to get that first one out of the way. Dallas is nice cause I know a lot of people here but it's Supercross so it's always intense. Practice was a little rough, the heat race was a little rougher. I had to go to the LCQ, no one really ever likes that. I think you lose life when you go to the LCQ. It's not healthy even if you win. I feel like I've aged. Fortunately I won that. I went to the main with a bad gate pick... well I guess I wouldn't say bad gate, but no one is going to go there with their first choice. I somehow almost got the holeshot so that was pretty good. I just rode a solid 15 laps. I'm going to wanna do things different next weekend but I still wanna be up there." - Blake Wharton

Rockstar Energy Racing heads to the most attended race of each year in Atlanta next week. Millsaps will enter continuing to be the only 450 rider to carry the red plate in 2013. Wharton will look to better his 2nd place with a win and goal to leave Georgia with at least a tie for first place in series points.

Source: Rockstar Energy Racing

Ryan Dungey Finishes 3rd Overall at Dallas Supercross

[caption id="attachment_23586" align="alignright" width="300"]Ryan Dungey 2013 AMA Supercross Dallas - 3rd Place Ryan Dungey finished 3rd overall in the 450SX class at the Cowboy Stadium - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey finished 3rd overall in the 450SX class at the Cowboy Stadium in front of a packed crowd for the seventh round of the Monster Energy Supercross Series.

Dungey was placed in the second heat during the evening's night show where he launched his KTM off to a great start. Dungey was able to move his KTM into 2nd position where he eventually finished easily qualifying into the main event.

In the main event, Dungey garnered a 4th place start as the riders rounded the first corner. He trailed the 2nd and 3rd place machines of Davi Millsaps and Chad Reed for the first half of the race in a wheel to wheel battle. After the halfway point he began to reel in Reed. With three laps to go he was able to make an inside pass on Reed to take over podium position. In the remaining laps he began to close in on Millsaps. With a couple corners to go, Dungey tried to cut into the inside of Millsaps but was unable to make the pass and had to settle for 3rd position.

"I wish I had a few more laps in order to try and pressure Millsaps and hopefully takeover the 2nd place position, but I am still happy to walk away with a podium. My bike worked great today and I just need to work on improving my starts to hopefully get back up on the top step of the podium at the next event," stated Dungey.

Next Event: Atlanta, GA - February 23, 2013

Source: KTM North America

James Stewart Looks Forward To Atlanta SX

[caption id="attachment_23588" align="alignright" width="300"]James Stewart 2013 AMA Supercross Dallas James Stewart turned in a stellar ride and took the win in his heat race, but was unable to start in the main.[/caption]

Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing's James Stewart turned in a stellar ride and took the win in his heat race at round seven of the AMA/ FIM World Supercross Championships in Arlington, Texas on Saturday night. But as the Yoshimura Suzuki rider was poised to fight for the win in the 450 class Main Event he suffered another bout of bad luck.

After turning the most blisteringly-hot laps in the first practice session and qualifying second fastest for the day, Stewart got a great start in the heat race. He slotted into second place and stalked the leader, making a smooth pass at the half-way point of the eight-lap race to take the win. But, in between the heat race and the Main Event - although no changes had been made to the RM-Z - the bike experienced a mystery clutch issue and Stewart was unable to start.

"The day went pretty good and we had some good practice times," said an upbeat and optimistic Stewart. "The heat race was awesome. I got a good start on the Yoshimura Suzuki RM-Z450. We changed some stuff up during the week and it was great. And I was feeling confident and really great - I hadn't felt that great since I was 16. I was sitting at the gate, ready to go and we had something happen with the clutch. I tried to see what we could do to fix it but it was internal. But health wise, I feel really great and now we'll go to The Atlanta and get it done."

Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing's next event is the eighth round of the 2013 AMA/ FIM World Supercross Championships on Saturday February 23rd at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

Source: Team Suzuki

Marvin Musquin Charges Back to 6th at Dallas Supercross

[caption id="attachment_23592" align="alignright" width="200"]Marvin Musquin 2013 AMA Supercross Lites East Dallas - 6th Place Marvin Musquin fought his way to 6th overall after a first corner crash - Photo: Simon Cudby[/caption]

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin fought his way to 6th overall after a first corner crash at the opening round of the Monster Energy East Supercross 250SX Series, an FIM World Championship.

Musquin was placed in the first heat where he got off to a great start. He was able to put his KTM 250 SX-F race machine into 2nd place at the end of the six lap heat race to secure a great gate position for the main event.

In the main event, Musquin got a mid-pack start down the long start straight before he suffered a crash in the first corner. He recovered quickly but found himself in last position as he entered the first rhythm section. After the first lap, he had already caught and passed four riders and was sitting in 16th place. Each lap after, he continued to charge forward and close the gap between himself and the leaders.

At the halfway mark, Musquin had already moved into the top ten. With two laps to go he began to pressure the 6th place ride of Gavin Faith. On the final lap he was able to make the pass on Faith and take over the position to finish 6th overall for the night.

"Obviously, this isn't the position I hoped to finish tonight," remarked Musquin. "But I am glad that I rode well after my crash and was able to climb through the pack to gain back as many points as I could toward the championship. Next week I hope for a better start so I can make a run at the podium."

Next Round: Atlanta, GA - February 23, 2013

Source: KTM North America

Dallas Overview And Point Standings

2013 AMA Supercross Dallas Image Gallery (Click for full size images)

Overall Results - Supercross Class: 20 Laps

  1. Ryan Villopoto: 15:26.992
  2. Davi Millsaps: +03.888
  3. Ryan Dungey: +05.080
  4. Chad Reed: +07.162
  5. Justin Brayton: +13.141
  6. Justin Barcia: +16.581
  7. Trey Canard: +25.129
  8. Matthew Goerke: +28.182
  9. Andrew Short: +30.267
  10. Broc Tickle: +30.566
  11. Weston Peick: +35.930
  12. Mike Alessi: +38.691
  13. Jimmy Albertson: +42.248
  14. Robert Kiniry: -1 Lap
  15. Joshua Hill: -1 Lap
  16. Ben Lamay: -1 Lap
  17. Justin Sipes: -1 Lap
  18. Kyle Partridge: -1 Lap
  19. Chris Blose: -2 Laps
  20. James Stewart: DNS

Point Standings - Supercross Class ( Race 7 of 17 )

  1. Davi Millsaps - 154
  2. Ryan Dungey - 133
  3. Ryan Villopoto - 130
  4. Trey Canard - 119
  5. Chad Reed - 115
  6. Justin Barcia - 98
  7. Andrew Short - 95
  8. Justin Brayton - 83
  9. James Stewart - 75
  10. Matthew Goerke - 69
  11. Broc Tickle - 68
  12. Mike Alessi - 49
  13. Jake Weimer - 48
  14. Joshua Grant - 40
  15. Weston Peick - 39
  16. Kyle Chisholm - 37
  17. Matthew Lemoine - 34
  18. Vince Friese - 30
  19. Jimmy Albertson - 29
  20. Robert Kiniry - 23

Overall Results - Supercross Lites East Class: 15 Laps

  1. Dean Wilson: 12:08.380
  2. Blake Wharton: +05.926
  3. Wil Hahn: +11.879
  4. Kyle Peters: +16.201
  5. Justin Hill: +18.930
  6. Marvin Musquin: +20.904
  7. Gavin Faith: +21.560
  8. James Decotis: +27.876
  9. Vince Friese: +29.228
  10. Lance Vincent: +33.554
  11. Jackson Richardson: +39.058
  12. Mitchell Oldenburg: +42.555
  13. Gareth Swanepoel: +44.059
  14. Levi Kilbarger: -1 Lap
  15. Adam Gulley: -1 Lap
  16. Ryan Zimmer: -2 Laps
  17. Cole Thompson: -8 Laps
  18. Zachary Bell: -9 Laps
  19. Bradley Ripple: -13 Laps
  20. Jesse Wentland: -14 Laps

Point Standings - Supercross Lites East Class ( Race 1 of 9 )

  1. Dean Wilson - 25
  2. Blake Wharton - 22
  3. Wil Hahn - 20
  4. Kyle Peters - 18
  5. Justin Hill - 16
  6. Marvin Musquin - 15
  7. Gavin Faith - 14
  8. James Decotis - 13
  9. Vince Friese - 12
  10. Lance Vincent - 11
  11. Jackson Richardson - 10
  12. Mitchell Oldenburg - 9
  13. Gareth Swanepoel - 8
  14. Levi Kilbarger - 7
  15. Adam Gulley - 6
  16. Ryan Zimmer - 5
  17. Cole Thompson - 4
  18. Zachary Bell - 3
  19. Bradley Ripple - 2
  20. Jesse Wentland - 1
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