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2012 AMA Supercross Salt Lake City Results

Chaparral Motorsports
April 30, 2012

Ryan Dungey Wins Salt Lake City Supercross

[caption id="attachment_11892" align="alignright" width="300"] Ryan Dungey claimed his third Supercross class victory of the season - Photo:[/caption]

In only his second week back after returning from injury, Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Ryan Dungey claimed his third Supercross class victory of the season as he crossed the finish line first at the Salt Lake City Supercross.

Dungey's day started with mixed emotions. He was able to pull off the fastest lap time in the afternoon qualifiers but also had to skip out on the part of a practice session after a collision with another rider caused damage to his bike. Luckily, the Red Bull/KTM Team was prepared for the problem and quickly set to work to repair his bike and make sure it was ready for the main event.

Dungey easily qualified into the main event and was ready to begin his quest toward his third win of the season. He got off to a great start and was sitting in 3rd place after lap one. He quickly began to close in on the 2nd place ride of Jake Weimer and the two began a battle for the position. After swapping for the position, the two riders made contact near the halfway point of the race which caused Dungey to crash. He quickly recovered without losing a position and became even more determined to charge his way to the front.

With only four laps remaining he was able to make a pass on Weimer to take over 2nd place. He then spent the next two laps reeling in the lead ride of Davi Millsaps. With two laps remaining he made the pass for the lead and went on to claim his third victory of the season and the third for the KTM brand in Supercross racing.

[caption id="attachment_11891" align="alignleft" width="300"] "It feels great to take another win tonight," remarked Dungey - Photo:[/caption]

"It feels great to take another win tonight," remarked Dungey. "It is an even greater accomplishment to take this win after recovering from my collar bone injury. It solidifies that we made the right choice to come back to racing and finish out the Supercross Series before heading to outdoors. I just really want to thank my team tonight. They did a great job getting my bike ready and I couldn't have won without them."

Dungey and his team will now head to Las Vegas, NV for the final round of the series to be held May 5, 2012 at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Source: KTM North America

Davi Millsaps Almost Wins At Salt Lake City

[caption id="attachment_11893" align="alignright" width="300"] Davi Millsaps led for virtually the entire main event.[/caption]

JGRMXs Davi Millsaps led for virtually the entire main event at the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City for the penultimate round of the AMA SX series but missed out his first victory on the YZ450F after running into backmarkers with two laps remaining. In front of more than 40,000 spectators the 24 year old was unlucky to miss the top step and was pipped to the line by Ryan Dungey.

Millsaps was quick across the layout for the sixteenth race of the campaign and won his heat race as well as setting the quickest time. With a clear goal to try and obtain his maiden triumph in blue and further cement his second position in the SX class standings he grabbed the holeshot and proceeded to show his rivals his rear wheel for most of the 20 lap distance.

Only an error entering the last two circulations provided Dungey with the momentum to snare the 25 points. Millsaps finished second but was able to see Justin Brayton take fourth which provides a seven point cushion going to Las Vegas for the season closer next weekend.

"I know it was close and honestly it was down to traffic, said Millsaps after his fourth podium celebration of 2012. It really sucks because we've all been working so hard to make this happen and we almost had it. But the good news is that, even though the championship hasn't really ever been possible for me, I'm one round away from clinching second, which would be the best me or my team has ever done. So, let's go to Vegas!"

The Sam Boyd Stadium will host the last Supercross meeting of 2012 next Saturday.


Marvin Musquin Earns 5th At Salt Lake City Supercross

[caption id="attachment_11894" align="alignright" width="300"] Marvin Musquin moved up to 3rd place in the overall point standings - Photo:[/caption]

Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin finishes 5th in the West Supercross Lites class at the Salt Lake City Supercross to move up to 3rd place in the overall point standings.

Musquin wowed the crowd with the fastest qualifying time in the early afternoon practice sessions. That gave him first gate pick in his heat race. His gate pick choice helped out and he was off to a 2nd place start and then quickly moved into the lead after the gate drop for his heat race. He led for the first part of the heat before an aggressive inside pass by Martin Davalos resulted in close contact between the two riders causing Musquin to crash. He recovered in 6th place and immediately set to work to try and pick off additional riders. He was able to get around one more rider and finish his heat race in 5th place.

In the main event Musquin pulled off another great start. He was sitting in 2nd position at the end of the first lap. A small mistake on lap two allowed Dean Wilson to pass him for 3rd and a few laps later he lost three more positions to drop to 6th. He held 6th position for nearly half the race before he moved up to 5th after Wilson crashed with a few laps remaining. Once in 5th he was able to maintain his pace and finish in the position. His 5th place finish gave him the points necessary to move up to 3rd place in the overall point standings.

Next Event: Las Vegas, NV - May 5, 2012

Source: KTM North America

Salt Lake City Overview And Point Standings

2012 AMA Supercross Salt Lake City Image Gallery (Click for full size images)

General Overview

  • Crowd: 40,548
  • Weather: Dry
  • Last Years Winner: Ryan Villopoto
  • Next Event: Las Vegas, NV - May 5, 2012

Manufacturer Standings - 04/30/2012

  1. Kawasaki - 363
  2. Honda - 322
  3. Yamaha - 298
  4. KTM - 286
  5. Suzuki - 231

Overall Results - Supercross Class: 20 Laps

  1. Ryan Dungey: 15:56.144
  2. David Millsaps: +1.494
  3. Jake Weimer: +6.854
  4. Justin Brayton: +19.925
  5. Mike Alessi: +23.386
  6. Broc Tickle: +26.892
  7. Andrew Short: +40.324
  8. Joshua Grant: +46.997
  9. Robert Kiniry: +54.159
  10. Tyler Bowers: -1 Lap
  11. Matthew Goerke: -1 Lap
  12. Weston Peick: -1 Lap
  13. Nicholas Wey: -1 Lap
  14. Gavin Faith: -1 Lap
  15. Jason Thomas: -1 Lap
  16. Chris Blose: -2 Laps
  17. Kyle Chisholm: -8 Laps
  18. Jimmy Albertson: -9 Laps
  19. Kyle Regal: -15 Laps
  20. Brett Metcalfe: -15 Laps

Point Standings - Supercross Class ( Race 16 of 17 )

  1. Ryan Villopoto - 323 / 2012 Champion
  2. David Millsaps - 244
  3. Justin Brayton - 237
  4. Ryan Dungey - 232
  5. Jake Weimer - 211
  6. Mike Alessi - 192
  7. James Stewart - 178
  8. Brett Metcalfe - 174
  9. Kevin Windham - 166
  10. Broc Tickle - 161
  11. Kyle Chisholm - 143
  12. Chad Reed - 128
  13. Andrew Short - 114
  14. Nicholas Wey - 105
  15. Robert Kiniry - 91
  16. Joshua Hansen - 89
  17. Weston Peick - 86
  18. Joshua Grant - 74
  19. Matthew Goerke - 74
  20. Marvin Musquin - 59

Overall Results - Supercross Lites Class: 15 Laps

  1. Eli Tomac: 12:08.611
  2. Jason Anderson: +3.806
  3. Martin Davalos: +7.022
  4. Wil Hahn: +8.540
  5. Marvin Musquin: +15.874
  6. Matt Moss: +45.327
  7. Billy Laninovich: +46.366
  8. Topher Ingalls: -1 Lap
  9. Vince Friese: -1 Lap
  10. Scott Champion: -1 Lap
  11. Killy Rusk: -1 Lap
  12. Landen Powell: -1 Lap
  13. Preston Tilford: -1 Lap
  14. Beau Hudson: -1 Lap
  15. Chris Plouffe: -1 Lap
  16. Ryan Sipes: -2 Laps
  17. Myles Tedder: -2 Laps
  18. Travis Bright: -2 Laps
  19. Dean Wilson: -3 Laps
  20. Collin Jurin: -8 Laps

Point Standings - Supercross Lites West Class ( Race 8 of 9 )

  1. Eli Tomac - 159 / 2012 Champion
  2. Dean Wilson - 132
  3. Marvin Musquin - 127
  4. Cole Seely - 119
  5. Jason Anderson - 95
  6. Matt Moss - 92
  7. Billy Laninovich - 84
  8. Ryan Sipes - 83
  9. Nico Izzi - 78
  10. Travis Baker - 75
  11. Vince Friese - 73
  12. Martin Davalos - 71
  13. Zachary Osborne - 67
  14. Tyla Rattray - 60
  15. Max Anstie - 53
  16. Wil Hahn - 47
  17. Michael Leib - 44
  18. Killy Rusk - 37
  19. Gareth Swanepoel - 34
  20. Scott Champion - 33
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