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South Carolina To Vote Soon On Motorcycle Helmet Laws For All Riders

Chaparral Motorsports
December 28, 2011
South Carolina To Vote Soon On Motorcycle Helmet Laws For All Riders

Motorcycle helmet laws have been in the forefront of the legislative world across the nation as of late, and issues surrounding the legislation will soon come to a head in South Carolina. Currently, only riders under 21 are required to wear protective headgear while riding, but some legislators are pushing for a mandatory helmet law for riders of all ages, WSOC-TV reports.

The primary concern associated with these laws is the safety of riders, but many feel as though donning the motorcycle accessories should be a choice made by the individual rather than a mandated rule. Only 20 states have laws that require riders and their passengers, whether on cruisers, street bikes or scooters, to wear helmets. Riders tend top be divided on the subject, and Gary Simrill, a state representative says that he does not support the new bill, but believes that rider safety is important.

"For adults, it's their choice as to whether or not they want to do that," Simrill told the news source. "What we really need a law about is common sense - common sense to buckle your child in the back seat, common sense to wear your seat belt, common sense to wear a helmet when you're on a motorcycle. That's what we're really lacking here."

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