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Top Ten Motorcycle Videos

Chaparral Motorsports
December 23, 2011

You won't find Rebecca Black or kids crying over Halloween candy on this list, but you will you catch a glimpse of the best motorcycle videos we watched in 2011. After scouring the YouTube files we've found the top ten motorcycle clips. Compiled over years these are the videos you won't want to miss. Whether it's setting a new world record or creating a chainsaw-powered motorcycle these clips will leave you wondering what were these riders thinking. So treat yourself to some laughs and check out these videos.

Hydroplaning Quad

Walking on water seemed trivial for this ATV rider, he decided to take it a step further.

XGames 17 Front Flip

Aussie Jackson Strong lands the first front flip in a competition at XGames 17.

GoPro Gone Wrong

Spectators are no longer safe, check out this video of a girl getting a face full of tire.

Moto Mishap

After wiping out, two riders try to get back on their bikes and finish the race but their bikes have different plans.

Preparing for an Epic Ride

Sometimes getting down the basics is half the battle, watch how this guy preps for a ride.

Chainsaw Bike

What do chainsaws and motorcycles have in common? Well for this team you can't have one without the other.

Hill Climb Havoc

These riders have an uphill battle the whole way, hopefully the prize for making it to the top is having your medical bill paid for.

Robbie Maddison's New Years Eve Jump

The Red Bull team is always looking for ways to push the limits. Robbie Maddison rings in the New Year by jumping his motorcycle to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Motorcycle vs. Car, Drift Battle

An RX-7 and ZX-10 go head to head, you decide who the gets the job done.

Kawasaki 48 Cylinder Runs

The Worlds largest multi-cylinder motorcycle, 48 cylinders of pure power.

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