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Bell RS-1 Full Face Helmet Review

Chaparral Motorsports
October 4, 2011

[mageProductLink sku="650-202-1748" title=""]Bell RS-1 Full Face Helmet Review[/mageProductLink]

There are many different motorcycle helmets out on the market, and it can be difficult to choose between them all. A buyer might assume that a helmet is a helmet, but there are many features that can differentiate two different models. Given all the safety data on motorcycle accidents, there's absolutely no question that a rider should buy a helmet. However, answering the question of which particular helmet to buy can be a bit more difficult.

The [mageProductLink sku="650-202-1748" title=""]Bell RS-1 Full Face Helmet[/mageProductLink] is aimed at the street and sport bike market. Essentially, the helmet is a more affordable version of the company's [mageProductLink sku="650-2017554" title=""]Bell Star[/mageProductLink]. Serious racers may find that the Star is the superior helmet. However, those who want some of the features at a fraction of the price will find the RS-1 to be an excellent choice. Ultimately, the RS-1 is not as affordable as the company's [mageProductLink sku="650-2017632" title=""]Vortex[/mageProductLink] model. However, if it offers a number of additional features that makes it a nice middle ground between the Star and the Vortex.

Experienced riders know that not all helmets fit the same, and the Bell RS-1 has a bit of an odd fit. On average, the helmet is a bit narrower than other models. The interior shape also comes into play. Everyone's head is different, so this might be a case where you should try the helmet on before you buy and make sure everything is comfortable. Taking a measurement of your head can also help you find the right size. The company provides sizing charts based on centimeters.

Weight also factors into comfort - nobody wants to feel like they have a rock on their head. The large-size Bell RS-1 weighs in at about 1603 grams, which puts it in the middle of the pack when compared to some of the companies' competitors.

In general, the helmet has a plush amount of lining and padding, which makes it very comfortable. Of course, this again depends on how the helmet fits your head. But those who prefer a softer fit in their helmets will likely be quite happy with the RS-1.

Visibility is another important aspect of purchasing a helmet, and Bell is considered to be one of the best in this area. The Bell RS-1 features a "3Mode" [mageProductLink sku="650-2010057" title=""]face shield[/mageProductLink], which allows for easy adjustments while on the bike. This makes it easy for riders to ensure they have the very best comfort and visibility as they ride. The shield is also treated with an anti-fogging coating.

Helmets can get a bit hot as you continue to ride, so its important that they are well ventilated. Overall, the RS-1 does well in this area, especially when it comes to the chin and neck. Vents on the lower part of the helmet allow a good deal of air to get through and give the rider a nice cool breeze. The top of the helmet is also ventilated, although the liner and excess padding at this part of the helmet can make it a bit sweatier on hot summer days. Still, the ventilation gets the job done.

This motorcycle helmet also features the company's "Magnafusion" magnetic chin strap, which is easily removable for cleaning. Many riders like this feature because it reduces the amount of mud and dirt that gets caught in the helmet.

Finally, the last area that buyers need to consider is noise level. In general, the RS-1 is considered to be a quiet helmet. However, this can vary based on the user and the conditions they are riding under - so it pays to try the helmet out on an actual bike if you can.

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