ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide

Posted on September 14, 2010 by TwoWheelMania.

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - Gorilla Silverback ATV TireMud ATV riding seems to be the fastest growing segment of the sport. Can-Am recently introduced the mud-riding enthusiast ATV, the Outlander 800R X MR which represents the most-advanced mud-specific ATV the industry has ever seen. Developed closely with Gorilla Axle, a leading company in mud riding and racing, this ATV has a variety of features that make it the clear choice for the mud rider. At the heart of the machine is the Can-Am-Exclusive Air-Controlled Suspension (ACS™), which allows the rider to adjust the ground clearance of the machine. With ACS, the mud rider no longer has to sacrifice comfort for ground clearance. The radiator has been relocated above the front rack for the ultimate in mud performance and a seamlessly integrated snorkel system places critical intakes to the highest point on the ATV. If the OEM’s are developing a specific mud-riding machine, we know riders out there are searching for the best ATV mud tires.

We did a ton of research so we could help you get down and dirty and find the best mud tire for you!

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - STI Mud Trax ATV Tire

STI Mud Trax

This aggressive tread design features deep. Angled grooved lugs to achieve exceptional levels of traction for your mud booger. The tires have a smooth ride provided by the V shaped center lug. Depending on the tire size, the lug depth ranges from 3-4” to 1 1/8” depth. The Mud Trax comes in a variety of sizes for 12” and 14” wheels.

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - ITP Mud Lite XTR ATV Tire[mageProductLink sku="337-1716" title=""]

ITP Mud Lite XTR

ITP’s introduced the industry’s first radial extreme terrain tire. The radial construction allows for a smoother ride and the tire finds more traction that a bias-ply tire because of a larger contact patch. The mud tire has a tread design that features 1 1/8” deep, angled grooved lugs to help you machine run the mud puddles.

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire

Gorilla Silverback

The Silverback is the largest and most aggressive ATV tire on the market. It has the deepest tread available on an ATV tire. The lug wraps all the way to the bead. The Silverback back also features a self cleaning tread. Depending on the tire size, the lug depth ranges from 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” deep. Yes, that’s right 2 ½” deep! The Silverback comes in a variety of sizes for 12” and 14” wheels.

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - Maxxis Zilla ATV Tire[mageProductLink sku="368-1440" title=""]

Maxxis Zilla

Maxxis Zilla is an optimal choice if you are looking for a lightweight design that provides quicker acceleration and mudslinging traction. The braking power with the Zilla is exceptional, and best of our tire selection. The Zilla rides smooth due to the center tread design. The Zilla comes in a variety of sizes for 9”, 10”, 12” and 14” wheels.

ATV Mud Tire Buyer's Guide - Interco Super Swamper ATV Tire[mageProductLink sku="553-a402" title=""]

Interco Super Swamper

The Super Swampers are heavier, tougher, have deeper lugs, and better self cleaning ability than the standard ATV tires. Unlike more aggressive mud only quad tires, these Super Swampers are capable of more normal trail riding without beating you and your four wheeler to death. These mud tires come in a variety of sizes for 9”, 10” and 12” wheels.

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