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Bikemaster AGM Platinum II Battery

Bikemaster AGM Platinum II Battery

$20.87 - $107.26
sale $29.95-$111.95Save Up to 82%
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  • Made from Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) that┬ácaptures electrolytes, this technology means longer storage life and higher performance than standard wet batteries
  • Greater cold cranking amps, longer service life and resists sulfation
  • Permanently sealed after filling means it is maintenance free and non-spillable
  • No need to constantly check level or add water
  • 12 volt
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Note: Image for reference only. Actual product may vary according to vehicle.

Chaparral carries several Bikemaster AGM Platinum II Batteries including: 51913, 53030, 12N9-4B-1/YB9L-B, MS12-4B-BS, MS12-16-BS-1, MS12-20CH-BS, MS12-7C-A, MS12-12C-A, SLA12-32, Y50-N18L-A, YB10L-A2, YB12A-A/12N12A-4A1, YB12AL-A, YB12C-A, YB14-A2/12N14-3A/12N14-3B, YB14A-A1, YB14A-A2, YB14L-A2/12N14-3A/12N14-3B, YB16AL-A2, YB16-B/YB16-A, YB30CL-B, YB3L-A/YB3L-B, YB3L-B, YB4L-A, YB4L-B, YB5L-B, YB7C-A, YB9L-B, YT12A-BS, YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS, YT4B-BS, YT7B-BS, YT9B-BS, YTX10A-A2, YTX12-BS, YTX14-BS, YTX14L-BS, YTX15L-BS, YTX16-BS, YTX16-BS-1, YTX19CL-BS/YB16CL-B, YTX20-BS, YTX20CH-BS, YTX20H-BS, YTX20HL-BS, YTX20L-BS, YTX24HL-BS, YTX30L-BS, YTX4L-BS, YTX5L-BS, YTX7A-BS, YTX7L-BS, YTX9-BS, YTZ10S/YT10B-4, YTZ12S, YTZ14S and YTZ7S.