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Atlas Guardian Roost Deflector

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Atlas Guardian Roost Deflector

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  • Motorcycle roost deflector with unique impact absorbing materials that are paired with an airy, shirtless design to provide superior ease of use, breatheability, and impact protection all in one ultra high end package
  • By eliminating hard plastic surfaces and using soft compression molded foam construction, the Guardian naturally conforms to your body shape over time
  • The more you use it, the better it fits
  • The flexible side wrap is made from compression molded EVA foam, offering the comfort and mobility needed to perform at the highest level
  • A built in elastic extension can be used if needed, and it automatically retracts if not in use
  • Built with options in mind, the Guardian's ultra slim profile is designed to be worn under or over a jersey
  • The shirtless design helps prevent additional heat build up by removing an extra layer of clothing from the equation
  • With twelve points of adjustment, the Guardian can be tailored to fit a wide range of body types, sizes, and personal preference
  • The elbow and shoulder protection is completely modular, meaning you can remove which ever pieces don't suit your style
  • A simple tether allows them to be instantly removed
  • The flexible back panel exceeds CE EN1621-2 Level 2 (highest level), but can still conform to your shape and move when you move
  • Flexible vacuum molded shoulder and elbow caps provide extra protection for those inevitable injuries that come with sliding along the ground
  • Whether it's over dirt, rocks, or through trees the Guardian has you covered
  • Built in straps help you seamlessly integrate your Atlas Brace with the Guardian


Note: Atlas Brace USA, LLC. and its subsidiaries reserve the right to repair or replace the product and/or its component parts at their own discretion. For more warranty information see www.atlasbrace.com for more details.


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Details:Black/White  S/M Item #372-GPF-00-010 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black/White  L/XL Item #372-GPF-00-020 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black  S/M Item #372-GPF-01-010 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable
Details:Black  L/XL Item #372-GPF-01-020 Availability:In stock: Ready to shipStore Pickup:Unavailable

Atlas Neck Braces

Broll BraceTyke BraceProdigy BraceOriginal / Air / Carbon Brace
Chest (in)21 - 2524 - 2829 - 3333 - 3637 - 4142+
Chest (cm)53 - 6361 - 7174 - 8484 - 9294 - 104106+

General Sizing Information

If you are unsure about your size, compare your body measurements to the charts provided to determine the correct fit. These charts will give you a good idea of the size to order, but be sure to read special sizing information that may accompany an item description. Some merchandise dimensions may vary from the averages charted here.

Chest Circumference

The Atlas Brace sizing is based on Chest Circumference (distance around the chest, measured high on the chest, just under the arms)

Fitment Information

Optimal brace fitment is achieved by selecting the correct rear mount offset, and opting to use (or not use) the optional shoulder padding for height adjustment that suits your body and range-of-motion of your head/neck, as described in the Atlas Brace user manual.

While fitting a brace, there are 2 key steps to follow for length and height adjustment:

1 - While standing straight up, the brace should fit snug on your chest and back, and the shoulder padding should be resting on your body. If the shoulder padding does not rest flush on the body, there will be a gap between the shoulder padding and the body. This shows the brace is too tight on the chest and the larger offset rear mounts supplied in the box should be used, this will add length to the brace to create a better fit, allowing the shoulder padding to rest on the body as it should.

2 - Once the brace is properly fitted for your chest size, determine which height setting is right for your individual body type and neck length so that you will have proper range-of-motion before starting activity. Put on a helmet to determine which setting is right for you, and if you do not feel your range-of-motion is sufficient, remove the optional shoulder padding from your Atlas Brace by pulling down on the outer edge of the bottom shoulder pad. The padding will simply "pop" out of the top shoulder pad. Repeat for the opposite side. Make sure the brace still fits snug on the body, and the shoulder padding is resting on your shoulders.

Additional parts are also sold separately if needed. If the brace is too tight to fit on over head comfortably, you may wish to purchase the "Wide Body Kit" which is a spacer that adds width to the brace, making it a more comfortable fit for bigger individuals. Each brace comes with 2 different size offsets of rear mounts to adjust for chest size, but a total of 4 sizes are available. The smallest is -2, followed by 0, followed by +3, and the biggest offset available is +8. Each mount is stamped with sizing info for reference


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