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Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Full Face Helmet

Snell 2010 Certified
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Black Frost
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Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review
Arai Defiant Motorcycle Helmet Review
Why Choose Arai Helmets? What Makes Arai Different? More Protection in a More Expensive Arai Helmet?
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Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Full Face Helmet

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A benchmark in comfort, quiet, stability, and ventilation in a street helmet. The helmet you'd build if you wanted to treat yourself to a dream. Every feature optimized for the conditions, speeds, and environment of the real world. Although much aggressive on the outside, as compared to its siblings, the Defiant contains all the internal attributes that set every Arai apart from the crowd.

Hand Formed Natural Shell Shape

  • The smooth uninterrupted spherical shape transfers stress loads more evenly across its entire surface
  • No exaggerated edges or protrusions in the shell maintains impact performance
  • Exceptional handmade craftsmanship gives this helmet a higher standard of protection, comfort, and quality

SAI Max-Vision Brow Vent Shield

  • Combines the enhanced field of view of the SAI eye port with a full eye port cavity to accept the Pin Lock 100% Max-Vision lens
  • Larger anti-fog field of view
  • 5mm more peripheral view at each side
  • Clear Pin Lock 100% Max-Vision lens included

Pro Shade System

  • Whether cruising around town or touring across country, the Arai Pro Shade System enhances your ride benefits
  • Offers two configurations; Peak and Shade. Peak configuration reduces sun glare and the intelligent lock system prevents the shade from dropping unexpectedly from wind pressure. Shade configuration reduces the amount of light that comes into the eye port, but is designed to raise quickly should light conditions darken unexpectedly
  • Provides hands free anti-glare function with a subtle dip of the head
  • Reduces ambient day light with the advantage of looking through a clear shield
  • Transition from day to night riding without a single though
  • Delivers the benefit of cutting overhead street light glare
  • Its design requires no compromise to the helmet, which means, the helmet maintains its Snell certification
  • Comes standard in the Pro-Cruise series

IR Front Spoiler Edge

  • The IR front spoiler edge trim creates a stabilizing down force
  • Reduces buffeting, lifting, and wind noise that can be generated by turbulence trapped between your shoulders and bottom of the helmet

Advanced Ventilation

  • Ventilation and aerodynamics are designed to work together to flow more air while reducing drag
  • The IC-4 upper front intake vents have a slide gate closure that seals more completely when close, allowing for a cleaner airflow while closed
  • The ACR-4 flow thru exhaust vent allows airflow to pass over and through the vent, accelerating exhaust flow from helmet interior when open, and reducing drag when closed

Aerodynamic Exhaust Vent Cowling

  • More aerodynamic upper and side exhaust vent cowling
  • Sculpted to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency
  • The side vent cowls are tailored to the needs and speeds of the street
  • Compared to the Corsair-V, the cowlings are larger and more aggressively styled
  • A more refined shape delivers increased stability and excellent high speed performance

Brow Vent Channeling

  • The face shield brow vents redirect incoming air to the temples and ear area instead of the forehead
  • Stale air is extracted out the side exhaust cowls
  • Airflow over the temple artery reportedly helps cool the blood flow to the brain area
  • This simple re-purposing of two existing vent features greatly improves helmet performance and rider comfort

IR Chin Vent

  • Offers more than simply an aggressive look
  • Provides multiple functions with tangible benefits to the rider
  • Position 1 allows air to flow through the top port and up the inner surface of the shield for de-fogging
  • Position 2 allows air to flow through the bottom four ports to the mouth
  • The design also allows for easy vent replacement

Micro-Fitted Removable Interior

  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable interior comfort head liner, cheek pads, chin strap covers, and neck roll pad
  • Cheek pads have a 5mm peel away layer to assist with facial fit and comfort
  • The head comes standard with 5mm peel away temple pads to add another level of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed
  • Features Eco-Pure anti-microbial material that stays fresher between cleanings

FCS Cheek Pads

  • The contoured shape, combined with multiple layers of varying foam densities, support by a patented spring, cradles the face
  • Simultaneously holds cheeks and jawbone firmly for a secure fit
  • Soft areas of the cheek pads give incredible all day comfort without pressure
  • An added bonus of the FCS cheek pads is the effect it has on lowering interior noise levels by blocking wind noise from entering the bottom of the helmet

Removable Neck Roll

  • Featured IR Neck Roll pad has an improved shape to flow more air to the bottom of the helmet at lower speeds and improves rider comfort
  • Neck roll shape makes it easier to put on and take off with less contact and pressure on the ears
  • Water repellent material along the bottom edge improves comfort for a dryer ride in wet conditions


  • Black/Green
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards


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Snell 2010 Certified

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