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Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Vented Boots

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Vented Boots

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  • The upper is constructed from microfiber for durability and abrasion resistance
  • Upper incorporates innovative front, rear bellow and rear calf zones for superior levels of flexibility
  • Innovative TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) lateral ankle brace protection provides a bio-mechanical support between lateral top calf/shin and ankle and offers improved structural integrity, protection against impact shocks, repeated abrasion resistance and flex support
  • Ergonomic last for forefoot streamlining to enable greater control of the bike's controls and for superior, wide ranging foot profile, fit and comfort
  • High modulus TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad, ankle brace and toe slider for improved shock protection and durability
  • Air vents on heel counter and shin plate plus breathable mesh inserts improve comfort and reduce fatigue on short and long rides
  • Innovative instep and Achilles accordion flex zone construction for superior comfort, extension, control and support
  • Internal toe box protection is layered under the upper for durability, improved feel and performance
  • Internal insole with the shank reinforcement integrated for support to the arch and foot protection
  • Breathable textile interior lining features anti-sliding suede reinforcement on heel area to help keep foot in position while riding
  • Removable anatomic footbed includes EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and Lyrca for performance, comfort and support
  • Exclusive compound rubber sole promotes improved feel and grip, water dispersion and durability
  • Double entry density ankle protector and medial slide layered under the upper offers protective performance in key areas
  • Integrated, replaceable bi-injected TPU slider features an easy screw fixing concept for quicker and easier replacement
  • Medial side entry opening/closure system features elastic mounted zipper with wide Velcro closure for flexibility and secure fit
  • The aperture opening is large to promote easier in/out
  • Meets or exceeds C.E. certifications
Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Vented Boots
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California Prop 65
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Part Numbers

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Black/Yellow 49 020-2223017-1550-492223017-1550-499 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Yellow 40 020-2223017-1550-402223017-1550-409 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 39 020-2223017-1102-392223017-1102-399 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Red/White 37 020-2223017-1320-372223017-1320-377 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 36 020-2223017-1102-362223017-1102-365 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Yellow 37 020-2223017-1550-372223017-1550-373 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Yellow 39 020-2223017-1550-392223017-1550-392 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Yellow 36 020-2223017-1550-362223017-1550-362 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 44 020-2223017-1178-442223017-1178-442 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Red/White 39 020-2223017-1320-392223017-1320-391 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Red/White 38 020-2223017-1320-382223017-1320-381 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey/Red 44 020-2223017-1133-442223017-1133-441 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Grey/Red 9 U.S./43 Euro 020-2223017-1133-432223017-1133-431 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 44 020-2223017-1102-442223017-1102-441 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black 40 020-2223017-1102-402223017-1102-401 In Stock. Ready to ship.-
Black/Yellow 50 020-2223017-1550-502223017-1550-50Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 48 020-2223017-1550-482223017-1550-48Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 47 020-2223017-1550-472223017-1550-47Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 46 020-2223017-1550-462223017-1550-46Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 45 020-2223017-1550-452223017-1550-45Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 44 020-2223017-1550-442223017-1550-44Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 9 U.S./43 Euro 020-2223017-1550-432223017-1550-43Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 42 020-2223017-1550-422223017-1550-42Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 41 020-2223017-1550-412223017-1550-41Unavailable.-
Black/Yellow 38 020-2223017-1550-382223017-1550-38Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 50 020-2223017-1320-502223017-1320-50Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 49 020-2223017-1320-492223017-1320-49Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 48 020-2223017-1320-482223017-1320-48Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 47 020-2223017-1320-472223017-1320-47Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 46 020-2223017-1320-462223017-1320-46Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 45 020-2223017-1320-452223017-1320-45Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 44 020-2223017-1320-442223017-1320-44Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 9 U.S./43 Euro 020-2223017-1320-432223017-1320-43Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 42 020-2223017-1320-422223017-1320-42Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 41 020-2223017-1320-412223017-1320-41Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 40 020-2223017-1320-402223017-1320-40Unavailable.-
Black/Red/White 36 020-2223017-1320-362223017-1320-36Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 50 020-2223017-1178-502223017-1178-50Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 49 020-2223017-1178-492223017-1178-49Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 48 020-2223017-1178-482223017-1178-48Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 47 020-2223017-1178-472223017-1178-47Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 46 020-2223017-1178-462223017-1178-46Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 45 020-2223017-1178-452223017-1178-45Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 9 U.S./43 Euro 020-2223017-1178-432223017-1178-43Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 42 020-2223017-1178-422223017-1178-42Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 41 020-2223017-1178-412223017-1178-41Unavailable.-
Black/Gunmetal/Blue 40 020-2223017-1178-402223017-1178-40Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 50 020-2223017-1133-502223017-1133-50Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 49 020-2223017-1133-492223017-1133-49Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 48 020-2223017-1133-482223017-1133-48Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 47 020-2223017-1133-472223017-1133-47Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 46 020-2223017-1133-462223017-1133-46Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 45 020-2223017-1133-452223017-1133-45Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 42 020-2223017-1133-422223017-1133-42Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 41 020-2223017-1133-412223017-1133-41Unavailable.-
Black/Grey/Red 40 020-2223017-1133-402223017-1133-40Unavailable.-
Black 50 020-2223017-1102-502223017-1102-50Unavailable.-
Black 49 020-2223017-1102-492223017-1102-49Unavailable.-
Black 48 020-2223017-1102-482223017-1102-48Unavailable.-
Black 47 020-2223017-1102-472223017-1102-47Unavailable.-
Black 46 020-2223017-1102-462223017-1102-46Unavailable.-
Black 45 020-2223017-1102-452223017-1102-45Unavailable.-
Black 9 U.S./43 Euro 020-2223017-1102-432223017-1102-43Unavailable.-
Black 42 020-2223017-1102-422223017-1102-42Unavailable.-
Black 41 020-2223017-1102-412223017-1102-41Unavailable.-
Black 38 020-2223017-1102-382223017-1102-38Unavailable.-
Black 37 020-2223017-1102-372223017-1102-37Unavailable.-
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