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Kuryakyn Air Filters

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Kuryakyn is one of the top sources of motorcycle accessories and aftermarket parts. It was founded in 1989 and since then has produced quality gear meant for dedicated motorcycle fans. Innovation keeps the brand at work on new products to enhance the motorcycle experience, with a sense of adventure that helps it keep up with its customers. Kuryakyn grips come in unique, striking patterns with names like Zombie and Transformer, providing an affordable way to customize a motorcycle for both comfort and style. Kuryakyn also offers accessories ranging from device mounts, luggage racks, saddlebag covers and flag mounts. Get the most out of your machine with these durable parts meant specifically for motorsports.

Motorcycle Air Filters

A motorcycle air filter has one job, to keep dirt and debris from entering into your carburetor or throttle body. Maintaining your motorcycle’s air cleaner will not only keep your bike healthy but will help you get the best performance possible. Performing your own motorcycle maintenance saves you money and helps you become more knowledgeable about your bike. Swapping out or cleaning an air filter is usually pretty easy and can often be done with basic hand tools. Some motorcycle air filters are one time use while others can be cleaned and reused many times over.

Chaparral Motorsports offers everything from OEM replacement air filters to high flow air filters from companies like K&N. You will find everything from dirt bike air filters to Harley-Davidson air filters when shopping at Chaparral. We also have all the necessary cleaning supplies and sprays like filter oil to keep your motorcycle air filter in top shape.