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Adventure Exhaust Systems

Adventure Exhaust Systems

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Adventure Exhaust

Adding an adventure exhaust is one of the first performance modifications that motorcycle owners look to do. This is a relatively simple way to add power and change the overall sound of your bike. Depending on the setup there may also be a weight savings when going to an aftermarket exhaust. All of these are benefits that will enhance your enjoyment out on the road and trail. While you’re at it you may want to check out Chaparral Motosports’ motorcycle air filter upgrade options as well. Additionally, installing a new adventure engine management system to go with your new exhaust and air filter will ensure your bike is running optimally.

There are many options when it comes to ADV touring full and slip-on exhaust systems. Slip-on exhausts are a way to easily modify your bike as they replace just the stock muffler portion. If your goal is to get some extra pop in an economical package then this route may be best for you. For further modifications you can go with a full exhaust system which replaces the factory setup from the heads on back. While they are typically more costly, it will result in even more performance gains for your motorcycle. The selection you will find at includes well-known brands such as FMF Racing and Yoshimura. Chaparral Motorsports specializes in aftermarket adventure exhaust systems that will bring added excitement to your rides.

When shopping with Chaparral Motorsports you’ll find an assortment of parts to improve the performance of your bike such as adventure touring motorcycle tires, and adventure drive and transmission components. We also carry a large inventory of ADV touring parts and apparel so there is something that fits no matter what bike or riding style you have.

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