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6D ATS-1 Carbon Full Face Helmet

DOT ; ECE 22-05
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What about installing a Sena in it?
Kolsch221 T - May 1, 2018
Hello Kolsch221 T, a Sena unit installs perfectly into / onto this 6D helmet. - Kyle & the Chap Moto Team
Chaparral Motorsports Customer Support - May 1, 2018
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6D ATS-1 Carbon Full Face Helmet

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The ATS-1 is the first street helmet to incorporate ODS (Omni Directional Suspension) technology. Constructed of an aerospace carbon blend, the ATS-1 is strong, yet extremely light to accommodate the needs of different riders. The goal was to build the safest street helmet in the category while providing the rider with features superior to those found within the most premium helmets out there. Exceptional energy management capability was known and guaranteed, but engineering the shield, shell design, interior liner amenities, and air flow management system, was a challenge that had to be completed without compromise. The 6D ATS-1's comfort liner is removable and washable. It is also convertible for warm weather riding by simple removal of the rear neckroll cuff, the air flow characteristics can be significantly altered. High tech fabrics mated to CAD designed internal padding provide superior comfort, noise suppression, and moisture dissipation. The 6D ATS-1 helmet incorporates an advanced ODS Air Gap air flow management system designed to provide adjustable air flow throughout the entire helmet. This air flow system aids in heat and moisture evacuation from within the helmet's interior area providing a cooler and safer environment during extreme riding conditions. 4 adjustable intake ports channel fresh air into the helmet where it is managed by a network of 15 transfer ports and 5 exhaust ports to keep the air moving. Engineered to provide maximum functionality and ease of use, the face shield incorporates a lock down lever that doubles to provide incremental ventilation when needed. 10 distinctive ratchet positions offer a setting for every riding possibility, and the articulating pivot ensures a snug fit to the shell when closed. Shield changes are easy and quick requiring no tools and the ATS-1 includes a clear 100 percent Max Vision Pinlock antifog insert. A beveled top edge improves laminar flow onto the helmet's surface reducing buffeting and wind noise, while the shield's flat surface accepts accessory tear offs for race applications. All shields are treated for antiscratch inside and out, provide UV protection, and distortion free vision.


  • 3K Carbon Fiber Shell Layup is constructed of a remarkably strong, yet extremely light advanced proprietary blend of aerospace carbon that is designed to absorb kinetic energy in unison with the ODS technology
  • Varies shell sizes optimize the size and weight ratio of the helmet while ensuring great fit for all head sizes
  • Outer EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner integrates with the patented load distribution damper cups which support the ODS technology
  • Inner EPS liner, the first layer of Advanced Impact Defense provides exceptional fit and comfort while integrating the over molded load distribution cups which support the ODS technology
  • Elastomeric Isolation dampers within the Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) technology, provide 3 dimensional displacement capacity to the inner liner relative to the outer liner and shell upon impact
  • Multi liner assembly will compress and shear omni directionally when subjected to impact
  • Comfort liner accommodates most designs of glasses
  • Emergency Release Cheek pads work with the comfort liner to provide superior safety and easy removal in case of an emergency requiring an easy and quick removal of the helmet
  • Pinlock Max Vision Shield System delivers the most effective fog free performance available
  • Antiscratch Shield provides premium shield protection on both inner and outer surfaces
  • Advanced CAD design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency reducing drag, buffeting and lift at higher speeds while simultaneously increasing negative air pressure under the wing to assist scavenging air out of the helmet
  • Rear Delta Vent aids heat transfer and comfort by scavenging air from within the helmet
  • Optimally positioned top, side and rear exhaust vents take advantage of the negative pressure effects of air traveling over the helmet's surface to aid internal air circulation
  • Adjustable Chin Bar Intake Vent with EPS lining provides added protection
  • Exhaust vent covers reduce wind noise and increase the venturi effect
  • Internal Brow Vents pull air across the inside of the shields' surface to aid cooling and fogging dissipation
  • Sculpted adjustable intakes direct air into the chin, brow and crown regions of the helmet and are easily operated with gloves on
  • Internal Breath Guard channels fresh air up the inside of the shield, while exhausting breath down and out to reduce fogging
  • Convertible neckroll cuff exposes the rear air gap for maximum warm weather riding comfort
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets to accommodate varies communication systems
  • Locking Shield Lever securely locks the shield in the closed position or cracks open for ventilation
  • Articulating pivot provides 10 effective micro adjustments of the shield while also seating the shield securely against the eyeport trim to ensure a wind and rain proof seal. Provides quick and easy shield changes with no tools required
  • Removable all weather chin cuff
  • Face shield exceeds VESC 8 standards
  • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 (United States), ECE 22.05 (47 Countries World Wide), AS 1698 (Australia) and ACU (United Kingdom) standards
  • Three year limited manufacturer's warranty


ATS-1 Carbon
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Model Name for Gear
ATS-1 Carbon
Safety Certification
DOT ; ECE 22-05

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6D Limited Warranty

ATR-1 MOTO (3 Year)
ATS-1 STREET (3 Year)
ATB-1 BICYCLE (3 Year)
ATR-1Y YOUTH (3 Year)
ATB-1T TRAIL (1 Year)

We at 6D believe in the quality of our products and the care that goes into their manufacture. Our  Warranty program applies to every helmet we sell, in every market, and protects owners against defects during the projected life expectancy of the product (5 years from the date of purchase). The warranty does not cover matters beyond our control such as normal wear and tear, roost damage to the paint or helmet shell from rocks impacting the helmet or damage incurred through accident or abuse. The warranty also excludes paint fading due to sun exposure or general exposure to strong chemicals, vapors, such as race gas, cleaning solvents and others. The warranty explicitly excludes paint  fading for all florescent paint schemes due to the low tolerance of all known florescent paints and inks to sun exposure, and you should take care to reduce the amount of sun exposure when the helmet is not in use.

When To Replace a Helmet
The expected lifespan of a 6D helmet is 5 years of seasonal use, and decreases accordingly as the frequency of use increases. As you would expect, helmets used for competition such as motocross tend to have a much shorter life span. The more exposure a helmet endures to the elements, body oils, and perspiration, the faster it will wear out. In most cases the helmet's inner EPS liner will be the first component to show signs of wear and, as such, functions as a good indicator that a helmet should be replaced.

We at 6D recommend that any helmet suffering a significant impact to the shell be removed from use immediately, whether there is visible physical damage or not. A helmet is designed to deform in an accident in order to absorb the energy of the impact, and should never be reused afterwards for its ability to protect the rider further could be compromised.

6D Worldwide Limited Warranty
6D Helmets warrants to the original retail purchaser (“you”) that the 6D product for which you received this warranty is free from defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of original retail purchase.

Warranty Limitations
This warranty is not transferable to a subsequent purchaser. 6D's sole obligation under this warranty is to either, at its discretion: (1) repair the claimed defect at no charge, (2) exchange the product with a product that is new or which is at least functionally equivalent to the original product, or (3) a credit amount, determined by 6D towards the purchase of a new product. 6D must be notified in writing of any claim under this warranty within 30 days of any claimed lack of conformity of the product.

The duration of any implied warranty or condition on this product shall be limited to the duration of the expressed warranty set forth above. In no event shall 6D be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, resulting from breach of any expressed or implied warranty or condition, or otherwise with respect to this product, except as set forth herein. Some states or countries do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts and some do not allow exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary, from location to location. This warranty will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the United States. The original English language version/meaning of this warranty controls over all translations and 6D is not responsible for any errors in translation of this warranty or any product instructions.

No company or person (including employees or agents of 6D) are authorized to modify, enlarge or extend this warranty in any way or to make any other warranties, expressed or implied on behalf of 6D.  This warranty is not intended to confer any additional legal, jurisdictional or warranty rights to you other that those set forth herein or required by law. If any portion of this warranty is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such finding will not invalidate any other provision.

If your product packaging has a written warranty policy included that differs from the warranty policy posted at www.6Dhelmets.com/warranty, the warranty policy on our website is considered most current and will be controlling as of the time your warranty claim is made.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state



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